About the activity of the undertaken by the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to Ukraine providing assistance to compatriots who are in a difficult situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ukraine and, concurrently, in the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Bulgaria, Romania, constantly monitors the social and humanitarian situation of Kyrgyz citizens residing in the consular district and carries out relevant work to provide assistance to needy Kyrgyz citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation due to a pandemic coronavirus infection COVID-19.

So, on 21st of April by the order of the Embassy, a working group was created, headed by the Counsellorto the Embassy, composed of Embassy staff and members of diasporal associations.

Under the working group, a Fund was established to provide assistance to needy citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. Members of the working group are monitoring citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who need help and provide assistance in the form of food products to 34 Kyrgyz citizens, of which 20 are citizens living in Ukraine, 14 are citizens in Bulgaria.

Candidates for the Honorary Consuls of the Kyrgyz Republic in Romania, I.Stoklosa and in Moldova I.Ganya provided humanitarian assistance in the fight against coronavirus in the form of financial means and rapid tests to determine the presence / absence of coronavirus.

On the 23rd of March Embassy positively worked out the issue of repatriation of 3 Kyrgyz citizens from Sofia to Bishkek along the route “Sofia-Moscow-Bishkek”.

On the 4th of May the issue of repatriation to Bishkek of 7 Kyrgyz citizens from Ukraine, who expressed an acute desire to return to their homeland along the Kyiv-Budаpest-Taraz route, was worked out.

Outreach work among citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic is ongoing in social messengers on an ongoing basis, their social status is monitored.

The Embassy official website contains press releases on measures taken by the authorities of the host/accreditation countries, recommendations and appeals to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic to strictly observe sanitary and medical rules and procedures established in the host countries, monitor their health, take care of themselves and loved ones, and round-the-clock numbers of the Embassy hotline in case of acute problems.