Business circles of Kyrgyzstan visited Germany and Poland

On September 19-24, 2022, representatives of 20 companies from Kyrgyzstan visited Germany and took part in international exhibitions held in the cities of Hannover and Berlin.

The visit of representatives of the Kyrgyz business and government agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany was organized with the assistance of the program of the German Society for International Cooperation «Green Economy and Sustainable Development of the Private Sector» on green economy issues.

On September 21, 2022, a meeting with representatives of the Kyrgyz business was held at the Embassy of Kyrgyzstan in Germany, where an exchange of views took place on the development of Kyrgyz-German cooperation in the economic sphere. Representatives of business circles of Kyrgyzstan were informed about the work of the Embassy in the economic sphere, and specific proposals of entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan to establish cooperation with the German side were discussed.

A meeting of representatives of the Kyrgyz business with the leadership of the German Agribusiness Association was also organized, where issues of establishing cooperation in the field of agriculture were discussed in detail. The German side noted the interest in developing cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in the agricultural sector.

Further, representatives of the business circles of Kyrgyzstan in the period from September 24 to 25, 2022, visited the International Agricultural Exhibition «Agro Show» in Poznan, Poland. As part of the visit to the exhibition, business representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic had the opportunity to meet with the leadership of the Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, representatives of various global companies in the field of agribusiness and discuss possible ways of cooperation with the Kyrgyz Republic, visit the stands of agricultural companies and presentations of the agricultural machinery and equipment.

On September 26, 2022, the representatives of the business community took part in the Kyrgyz-Polish business forum, where representatives of 20 Kyrgyz and 25 Polish companies discussed in detail ways to establish cooperation between Kyrgyz and Polish companies.

In addition, Kyrgyz entrepreneurs visited the Polish wastewater treatment plants «Crimea» and «Horus Energia» for the production of electric generators.

The visit of representatives of Kyrgyz companies to Poland and the Kyrgyz-Polish business forum were organized by Mr. A.Ismailov, representing the interests of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic to Germany and Poland on a voluntary basis, together with the Polish Investment and Trade Agency.