First Deputy Minister Asein Isaev met with UNODC Regional Representative for Central Asia Ashita Mittal on the occasion of the completion of her mission

On June 13, 2024, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, Asein Isaev met with the Regional Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for Central Asia, Ashita Mittal, on the occasion of the completion of her mission as Head of the UNODC Regional Office for Central Asia.

A.Mittal noted the significant successes of the Kyrgyz Republic in the fight against drug trafficking, including the use of new technologies, the significant development of the penitentiary system of the republic, in particular the digitalization of the accounting procedure and the prison security system, as well as the repatriation of women and children from Syria and Iraq and their subsequent rehabilitation and rental.

Referring to the measures taken by the Government of Kyrgyzstan to combat drug crime, A.Mittal elaborated on the successful experience of the republic in using new technologies, namely the introduction of UAVs for monitoring the transportation and cultivation of narcotic crops. which is advanced in Central Asia.

This successful experience is of interest to many countries of the world, as evidenced by the high attendance of annual events held within the framework of the work of the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna.

A.Mittal also noted the successful implementation of the JUST4ALL project on justice and probation, which is planned to be extended by phase 2 in 2025.

In turn, A.Isaev expressed gratitude to A.Mittal for the fruitful work of UNODC in its implementation in the region, and in particular in the Kyrgyz Republic.

A.Isaev noted the importance of holding the UNODC International Probation Forum in Bishkek. This event will further strengthen cooperation between the probation services of the countries of the region and is significant in the context of the repatriation of citizens of Central Asian countries from war zones and their further reintegration into the society of their countries.

First Deputy Minister A.Isaev expressed the republic's interest in further strengthening cooperation and promoting joint projects with UNODC in order to combat new challenges and threats, and wished A.Mittal further success in her work in the UN system.