Holy See (Vatican)

Kyrgyz-Vatican relations

The Vatican recognized the independence of the Kyrgyz Republic on January 1, 1992.

Diplomatic relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Vatican were established on August 27, 1992.

The Vatican's representation in the Kyrgyz Republic has residenced in Astana.

The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Federal Republic of Germany accredited in Vatican.

In 1992, Bishop Francesca Colasoonna, appointed Special Envoy of the Holy See in the Kyrgyz Republic, visited Bishkek.

In 1994, Archbishop Marian Olesh of the Holy See visited Bishkek.

In 1999, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic made an official visit to the Italian Republic, where he met with the head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II, and the State Secretary (Head of the Government) of the Vatican Cardinal Sodano.

There is a Roman Catholic Apostolic Nunciature for Catholics in the Kyrgyz Republic, established by Pope Benedict XVI.