Diplomatic staff

Mr. Melis Mamadaliev


Political and security issues

Tel.: (202) 449-9827

E-mail: m.mamadaliev@mfa.gov.kg  


Mr. Seit Ubukeev


Inter parliamentary cooperation / Human rights issues

Tel.: (202) 449-9831

E-mail: a.anarbaev@mfa.gov.kg   


Ms. Asel Yusupova

First Secretary

Education, Science and Culture

Tel.: (202) 449-9825

E-mail: asel.yusupova@mfa.gov.kg


Mr. Timur Kydyrmyshev

Second Secretary

Economic Cooperation

Tel.: (202) 652-4546

E-mail:  t.kydyrmyshev@mfa.gov.kg


Mr. Ulukbek Nurzhan uulu


Consular Issues

Tel.: (202) 449-9823

E-mail:  u.nurzhan@mfa.gov.kg

Ms. Damira Arpachieva


Tel.: (202) 449-9822 (ext. 6)

E-mail:  kgembassy.usa@mfa.gov.kg


Mr. Talant Akmatbekov

Technical Officer and driver

Tel.: (202) 449-9828

E-mail: kgembassy.usa@mfa.gov.kg