Visa issues

Visa issues



«Electronic visa» of the Kyrgyz Republic

The «Electronic visa» system allows citizens of all foreign countries to obtain entry-exit tourist or business visas of the Kyrgyz Republic for up to 90 days via the Internet, without the need to address to diplomatic missions or consular offices of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad, as well as to visa points at the international border crossing points across the state border of the country.

Legal entities of the Kyrgyz Republic can also invite foreign citizens (both individually and as part of tourist groups) and apply for short-term business or tourist electronic visas.

Short-term business and tourist visas of the Kyrgyz Republic are issued for the period up to 90 days without the right to extend their validity period on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

To obtain a visa in electronic format, a foreign citizen or an inviting organization need to fill out a special form on the «» Internet site, filling in contact details and information about the planned trip to Kyrgyzstan. You will also need to upload a photo and an image of a passport (travel document) of a foreign citizen. Payment of consular fees is made through «Visa» and «Master Card» bank payment cards. The processing period of an electronic visa application is three working days.

A notification of the issuance or refusal to issue an electronic visa is sent to an e-mail specified in the application. When receiving a visa in electronic format, the system provides a link to the site of the «Electronic visa», where it is possible to print out an electronic visa with a special OR code, read by using mobile applications on smartphones.

Foreign citizens who have received a visa in the Electronic visa system need to enter and leave Kyrgyzstan through checkpoints across the State border of the Kyrgyz Republic located at the international airport «Manas» in Bishkek, Osh international airport «Osh», and at the border crossing point «Ak-Jol» on the border with the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Citizens of foreign countries who have received visas in electronic format cross the state border of the Kyrgyz Republic through the aforementioned checkpoints without presenting a visa sticker (sticker) in the travel document. If necessary, it is possible to check the availability of an electronic visa, its category, expiration date and multiplicity, by scanning a special QR code on a printed version of an electronic visa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic draws attention to the fact that foreign citizens intending to visit Kyrgyzstan are able to obtain visas both in electronic format via the Electronic visa system and in the standard version by addressing to diplomatic missions or consular offices of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad or Visa points at international checkpoints across the State border of Kyrgyzstan.



Simplified visa regime

Citizens of foreign countries included in the List have the right to receive entry and exit visas of the Kyrgyz Republic in the relevant bodies of the diplomatic service of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of a personal appeal.

List of foreign states whose citizens are subject to a simplified visa regime


The Republic of Austria

Kingdom of Belgium

Republic of Bulgaria

Bosnia and Herzegovina

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Hungarian Republic

Federal Republic of Germany

The Hellenic Republic

Kingdom of Denmark

The State of Israel

Irish Republic

Republic of Iceland

The Kingdom of Spain

Italian Republic


Republic of Cyprus

The Republic of Korea

Republic of Lithuania

Latvian republic

Principality of Liechtenstein

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Republic of Macedonia

Republic of Malta

Principality of Monaco

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kingdom of Norway

New Zealand

Republic of Poland

Portuguese Republic

Republic of Romania

Republic of Serbia

Republic of Slovenia


The Slovak Republic


Turkish Republic

The Republic of Finland

French Republic

Republic of Croatia

Republic of Montenegro

Czech Republic

Swiss Confederation

Kingdom of Sweden

The Republic of Estonia






Kingdom of Thailand

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates

San marino


Republic of Albania

Brunei Darussalam

Republic of Indonesia

South Africa

Republic of Chile

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

State of Qatar

State of Kuwait

Sultanate of Oman

Kingdom of Bahrain


Islamic Republic of Iran (*)

(*) Note: only with respect to entry and exit visas of the Kyrgyz Republic in the category of «business» and «tourist».

The citizens of the countries listed below intending to visit Kyrgyzstan (by air or by land) up to 60 days do not need to obtain entry visa to Kyrgyzstan:

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Bahrain
4. Belgium
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Brunei-Darussalam
7. Canada
8. Croatia
9. Czech Republic
10. Denmark
11. Estonia
12. Finland
13. France
14. Germany
15. Greece
16. Hungary
17. Iceland
18. Ireland
19. Italy
20. Japan
21. Kuwait
22. Latvia
23. Liechtenstein
24. Lithuania
25. Luxembourg
26. Malta
27. Monaco
28. Netherlands
29. New Zealand
30. Norway
31. Poland
32. Portugal
33. Qatar
34. Saudi Arabia
35. Singapore
36. Slovakia
37. Slovenia
38. South Korea
39. Spain
40. Sweden
41. Switzerland
42. United Arab Emirates
43. United Kingdom
44. United States of America
45. Vatican.