Information message of the Embassy of May 27, 2020


Information of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine regarding the establishment of certification dates in the form of test exams of the licensed integrated exams “Krok” (specialty of the knowledge industry “22 Health Protection”).

The licensing exam “Krok-2” (for graduate students) will take place depending on the deadlines for completing or easing the deadlines for quarantine restrictions in Ukraine at such times:

Starting from the first week of June 2020 - if quarantine is completed or relaxed until the fourth week of 2020;

Starting from the third week of June 2020 - in case of quarantine completion or relaxation until the third week of June 2020

For applicants who are absent from the exams due to circumstances (documented), due to quarantine (including stopping transport connections), additional tests will be provided for the Krok-2 test.

Licensing exams “Krook-1” and exams in the English language of a professional direction (for students of 3 and 4 courses) will take place starting from the second week of September 2020.