Press-release Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in India April 12, 2019, New Delhi


On April 12, 2019, in New Delhi, a meeting was held between Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to India Asein Isaev and Director General of the ICCR Akhilesh Mishra.

The ICCR is the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, which is doing a great work to strengthen cultural ties between India and foreign countries and is an important tool for cultural diplomacy of India abroad. The work is carried out in the educational sphere through the annual training of 4 thousand students from different countries in 25 specialties. The students can apply online for training through the ICCR website.

The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues of strengthening the cultural and humanitarian parts of the bilateral Kyrgyz-Indian cooperation.

During the meeting there were discussed the issues of a stable level of bilateral cooperation, which in recent years has focused on educational and cultural fields.

Both Sides agreed to intensify the exchange of scientists and students, links between universities, cultural events. The educational process will include the involvement of students from the different regions of Kyrgyzstan.

Various ICCR programs can provide serious assistance in this area. These programs include:

- Invitations to prominent people of foreign countries to visit various historical and cultural sites in India;

- exchange of scientists for doing research, including the field of indology;

- Conducting cultural events, including the exchange of creative teams from Kyrgyzstan to India and from India to Kyrgyzstan.

The issue of training specialists with knowledge of Indian languages, history and culture, which is relevant for the further development of the Kyrgyz-Indian cooperation, was also discussed.