A planned act of armed aggression. A crime against peace.


The Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry has made a statement about the tragic events in Batken. The foreign ministry gave a harsh and unequivocal assessment of the actions of the Tajik military who dropped shells, mines and missiles on the peaceful border villages, the entire perimeter of the most remote western region of the republic was attacked. 59 dead and more than 160 wounded, 140 thousand refugees, this is the sad outcome of Dushanbe's cruel and senseless sabotage.

"We strongly protest the unlawful and destructive actions of Tajikistan, which, having violated all previously reached agreements, having in advance sent troops to the Kyrgyz border, using the Armed Forces and heavy military equipment, groundlessly attacked border and civilian facilities, settlements along the entire perimeter of the Kyrgyz-Tajik state border in Batken and Leilek districts of Batken region, including shelling the regional center of Batken region, the city of Batken, in the depths of Kyrgyzstan. Batken, deep in the territory of Kyrgyzstan (there are recorded video materials).

We note that, despite repeated ceasefire agreements, the Tajik side continued its provocative shelling and seized certain settlements in the Batken region of Kyrgyzstan, such as Dostuk, Aksai, Internacionalnoe, Zhashtyk, Borborduk, Arka and Kulundu.

The unlawful actions of the Tajik side are an aggressive and destabilizing action that goes against bilateral and multilateral agreements, the spirit of good neighborliness and mutual support between the peoples of our countries.

The active participation of irregular paramilitary units from the Tajik side causes extreme concern," reads the statement of the Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry.

The involvement of mercenaries from Afghanistan has been confirmed by objective data and numerous videos posted on the internet of the militants, who were taking control of residential areas under cover of tanks and armoured personnel carriers of the Tajik armed forces. Members of international terrorist groups hiding in Afghanistan were identified through such footage.

Kyrgyzstan's Security Council is now closely examining the footage, which will form the basis of a criminal case in Kyrgyzstan over crimes against peace. Marat Imankulov, head of the Security Council, told journalists at a news conference in Bishkek about the work carried out by security forces and some of the conclusions.

Here is just one example, a video of a broken and burned out tank carcass being inspected by a group of armed men in atypical military outfit. "We identified one of them, we identified him. The current Afghan authorities have confirmed that he is their citizen. That's why I can say that there are representatives of international terrorist organizations on the side of the invaders. Mercenaries from a foreign country," said Marat Imankulov.

What do the leaders of extremist groups and President Rakhmon's entourage have in common - drug trafficking?  Or could it be something else and more global?  - If you consider the fact that the attack on Kyrgyzstan began on the busy day of talks and meetings at the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) summit of heads of states in Samarkand. 

After the video, which went around the world, filmed by the militants themselves in the village of Internacionalnoe, when they were robbing and looting in the markets and stores, the statement of the Tajik Foreign Ministry that their country was supposedly the victim of aggression, looks extremely ridiculous. There are other pictures: seizure of school and hoisting of Tajik flag on it, blowing up of bridge over Ak-Suu river, helicopter landing with bearded militants. It seems that the forces which unleashed bloody provocation against Kyrgyzstan are confused by their own fakes. What should make us most wary is that under the influence of these hoaxes some forces tried to split our society from inside, to discredit the government and force people to take to the streets. It did not work. The citizens didn't go to the rallies; they united and started collecting humanitarian aid for the refugees from Batken.  The president of Kyrgyz Republicin his address to the nation,

thanked the volunteers and activists, businessmen and ordinary employees for their high civic consciousness at a difficult time for country.

"Upon hearing about the bloody clashes on the Batken border, every citizen of the country expressed his or her indifference to the actions of the invaders. Compatriots from all over the republic on their own initiative organize and send all kinds of aid to Batken. I bow before such strong unity of our people!

At the moment, all government agencies are working hard and taking care of the recovery of our compatriots who have suffered as a result of the events.

Thank God, our coffers are not empty. The state has enough strength to fully provide for the needs of servicemen and civilians displaced by the situation," said President Sadyr Japarov.

It is the second day that there are no military operations in the Batken oblast. Tajik soldiers have been evicted from Kyrgyz territory. Refugees have begun to return to the villages they left behind, but many settlements have been badly damaged. Several thousand houses were damaged or destroyed and hospitals and schools were damaged. Now Kyrgyzstan faces a new challenge to rebuild Batken and return its border areas to peaceful life.