Announcement of a tender for the selection of a private partner for the PPP project "Implementation of an information system for electronic collection of fees from freight transport and buses and weight and size control"


General information

Industry: Transport

Public partner : Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic

Location: Kyrgyz Republic

Estimated cost: 40 million USD

Form of cooperation: Public private partnership

Description of the project The collection system detection infrastructure will display 42 control points, 2 IS user service centers, one of them will be combined with a separate service for freight traffic on public highways. IS will be changed to freight transport on public roads using global navigation technologies (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, etc.). Depending on the speed of freight transport, the IS calculates and registers the electronic collection of the fee, and also charges fines to road users for violating the weight and size parameters of vehicles. 42 control points there is an automatic control of compliance with state standards of vehicles It is assumed that funds from the collection from trucks and buses will be accumulated in a separate treasury account of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic. Part of the funds will be directed to the exclusion of investments made by the Private Partner, the rest to the repair and maintenance of international transport roads. After the selection of the Private Partner, it is planned to initiate draft decisions of the representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic on the targeted collection of funds from the collection. To analyze the services for the operation of the country's roads, PPP as a model of long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation between the state and business can be the beginning of the process of implementing socially significant problems. The introduction of an information system for collecting fees will increase the financing of the road industry by 20%. In turn, the increase in funding will have a positive impact on the quality of roads and will provide services for traffic accidents on the roads.

The main steps of the information system:

• registration of vehicles in the system with the assignment of an ID, according to which the SRS data on transport is available (maximum permitted weight, Certificate of registration);

• verification of current information in the Database (DB) of the State Registration Service and in the Database (DB) of the Border Guard Service;

• registration of new vehicles: 1) Foreign vehicles - when crossing the border of a foreign vehicle, it should be registered in the database if the vehicle was not previously in the database 2) Domestic vehicles of the Kyrgyz Republic that were not previously registered in the system;

• location determination - transport coordinates, using the GNSS system; • fixing the exit to the public highway;

• determination of transport parameters - dimensions, weight, class, speed, start time, number of axles - when passing through the PC;

• tracking the trajectory of traffic;

• calculation of the amount, which consists of - 1) Fare, 2) Penalties depending on the violation of the weight and size parameters, or the rules for using the ISEVS; • withdrawal of an invoice for payment;

• synchronization of data from all PCs with the Central Server located in the Central Control Center. The situation at the ADOP is processed and analyzed in the Central Control Center - workload, violations, traffic flow on the routes;

• notification to the driver (in the form of an SMS or Internet message) and to the CCC about the transport data, if the transport is moving along the ADOP with the GPS navigator or mobile application turned off;

• payment by one of the possible methods - The payer is allocated time - until midnight of the current day (at 00:00 a transaction is made from the balance of the ISEWS for the distance traveled) to pay the amount of the fee. If the payment is not made on time, then a penalty is charged, in accordance with the Code on non-tax income and the subsequent payment of a fine, in accordance with the Code of Violations. At border checkpoints, payment of the fee from foreign vehicles is also provided for payment in cash, the imposition of a fine, in accordance with the Code of Violations.

The envelope with the Application for qualification selection, with the documents attached to it, is accepted by hand or by mail through a courier service until 16:00 pm  May 2, 2022 at the following address: Chui Ave., Bishkek, 720002, Kyrgyz Republic , 106.

For any questions regarding the project, please contact:

Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic - 720017, Bishkek, st. Isanov, 42;



tel. + 996 (312) 31-43-85, 31-43-13; fax: +996 (312) 31-28-11;