Consular registration

Consular registration for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic is needed for providing more effective consular services, to protect their rights and interests provided by law. The registration of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic in a diplomatic mission is a process by consular officials to collect contact details of citizens, to be used, in accordance with law, to protect rights, interests and safety of citizens. Particularly, if a citizen faces an emergency in a foreign country, information about the place of residence, emergency contacts may be critical. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic traveling to Pakistan for more than three months, are required to do registration (registration with consular section) at the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to Pakistan within fifteen days from the date of arrival.


When applying for consular registration on a temporary basis, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic shall submit:

a) Application Form in two copies ;

b) ID card of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic;

c) Two photos of 2x2 inch size.