New categories of visas for entry into Kyrgyzstan approved


New categories of visas for entry into Kyrgyzstan approved


Government of Kyrgyzstan approved a new version of instruction on the procedure for obtaining visas for entry into Kyrgyzstan. It took effect from January 15, 2019.

According to the Ministry, adoption of the new instruction will facilitate conditions and procedures for issue of permits for citizens of foreign countries, help concretize purpose of their trip, exclude possibility of illegal work, and improve the Electronic Visa component itself.

There are new categories of visas, which depend on various purposes of travel. A new mountain tourism visa is introduced for foreigners. It will be issued to foreign tourists for three months with possibility of multiple entries.


New categories of visas for entry into the country and stay of the ethnic Kyrgyz and former compatriots:


“Mounting tourism visa”  is issued for visiting the Kyrgyz Republic for mountain tourism (mountaineering, snowboarding, trekking, rafting, mountain biking, heli-skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, freeriding, skiing and other mountain hiking), for up to 90 days

“Tuugandar visa” (“Relatives visa”) is issued for up to 1 year to visit relatives or for family reunification.

“Meken visa” (“Motherland visa”) is valid for up to 1 year. It is issued free of charge to the ethnic Kyrgyz, as well as to persons born on the territory of Kyrgyzstan or the KSSR, for visiting or returning to the Kyrgyz Republic with possibility of subsequent obtaining of a returnee status and residence permit.

“Meiman visa” (“Guest visa”) is obtained for private trips at the invitation of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, who are not related by kinship to each other, including for the purpose of visiting friends or receiving medical services.

 One can obtain a long-term visa for a year or more through Electronic Visa system, as well as at representative offices of Kyrgyzstan abroad.