16 July 2018, UNHQ. «Leading sustainable mountain development»


Distinguished participants,

Kyrgyz Republic is the country with 95% of its territory is mountainous with altitude more than 1000 meters. More than 60% of the country’s population lives in rural area and work as farmers and kettle breeders on highland pastures.

Because of such geographic characteristic of Kyrgyz Republic makes the issue of mountain ecosystem preservation, with its unique landscape and biodiversity, very actual as the wealth and sustainable development of the country's most of population depends on resolution of the above-mentioned issue.

Understanding the importance of the sustainable mountain development Kyrgyzstan implements several national programs on development of the country's mountain areas.

In order to promote the development of regions President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Zheenbekov declared 2018 as the Year of Development of Kyrgyzstan's regions. This initiative was a logic continuation of the Concept of the Regions' Development for 2018-2022. The important point of this Concept is that it contains a description of ecological dimension of the regions' sustainable development, and the main tasks to achieve this goal are establishment of favorable environment, preservation of biodiversity, implementation of energy and resource saving technologies.

The other key sphere of activity is the promotion of different international initiatives aimed at highlighting of problems of sustainable mountain development. Particularly, Kyrgyzstan with the assistance of the other UN member states initiated the declaration of 11 December as the International Mountain Day. Also the Kyrgyz party arranged the International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forums in 2013 and 2017 in Bishkek which raised international awareness to the problems of mountainous ecosystems preservation in order to save snow leopard. The other example of Kyrgyzstan's dedication to promotion of international dialogue and cooperation is the 4th World Mountain Forum 2018 " Mountains in a Changing World. Strengthening Partnerships and Pathways towards a Thriving Mountain Future" which will take place on 23-26 October 2018 in Bishkek.

In addressing the ecological problems Kyrgyz Republic would like to underline the importance of solution of problems connected with neutralization of threat from uranium tailings in Kyrgyzstan and other countries of Central Asia. In this regard Kyrgyz Republic offer to accept a new resolution with a call for further international support to settle problems of uranium legacy in Central Asia. The Kyrgyz Party holds the opinion that active international and regional cooperation in settlement of the uranium tailings problem will promote further sustainable development.

In this regard Kyrgyzstan consider that the sustainable mountain development could be achieved through development of international cooperation and increasing awareness about the current situation with mountain ecosystems as well as through consistent and effective implementation of national plans on achievement of sustainable mountain development as one of important components of SDG 2030 realization.

Thank You.