I’m a citizen of the USA/Canada, and possess regular passport. Do I need a Kyrgyz visa if I will cross Kyrgyzstan’s border by land?

No, if you are the US or Canadian citizen planning to travel to Kyrgyzstan for the period up to 60 days you do not need to get a visa. It doesn’t matter if you cross the border by air or by land.

What are the requirements of the Kyrgyz Republic for the importation of drugs, weapons and animals?

1. Rules about importation of drugs. According to Kyrgyz Republic’s law # 91 (in effect from 04.30.2003) On “Medical Drugs”, medical drugs can be imported to the Kyrgyz Republic without any kind of license or permission from appropriate legal entity of Kyrgyz Republic that deals with the import of medical drugs, but only if these medical drugs will be used by persons who are importing them for their own personal use, while residing on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Rules about importation of animals. Veterinary Regulations regarding the import of fury-bearing animals, rabbits, dogs and cats. For importing to Kyrgyz Republic, only healthy fury-bearing animals are permitted that are free from transmittable animal diseases, this includes:

2.1. For all types of animals:

– African swine fever virus – that has been present for the past 3 years on the territory of the country.

– Foot-and-mouth disease, that is virus-transmittable of all kinds – that has been present for the past 12 years on the territory of the country.

2.2. For foxes, polar foxes, dogs and cats:

– Aujeszky’s disease, rabies, tuberculosis, tularemia, Dennatophytoses canum – in the past 12 months of being in stock.

2.3. For minks and weasels:

– Bovine spongiform encephalopathy on the territory of the country, with the request from “International veterinary code” (OIE);

– Rabbit haemorrhagic disease, tularemia – in the past 12 month in stock.

– Encephalopathy, myxomatosis, tularemia, hemorrhagic septicemia, listeriosis – in the past 12 months of being in stock.

Also selected animals for export should not receive any type of food that has been genetically modified. Selected animals for export to the Kyrgyz Republic should be on special quarantine bases at least for 21 days.

3. Rules about importation of weapons. According to the article 16 of Kyrgyz Republic’s law “About Weaponry”, sport and hunting guns can be imported by foreign citizens on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic only with invitation from legal entity, which has a license for hunting, with whom these foreign citizens have a contract for hunting or invitation for participation in a gun-sport event with permission from the Department of Domestic affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. With given documents mentioned above, the Department of Domestic affairs will cooperate with foreign citizens and give them permission to import and export hunting guns and ammunition for them, for hunting purposes in Kyrgyz Republic in 2015. Also, according to article 5 of the law mentioned above, weapons are considered combat weapons if they are currently registered or were registered on foreign army’s inventory list. This means that if half-automatic rifle AR 10 is registered or was ever registered on US army’s inventory list then the import of it on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is prohibited.