Useful information

Obtaining a visa to the State of Qatar:

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, arriving in Qatar for various purposes, should obtain permission according to the Hayya card system. Since 2022, Qatar introduced the system for entering the country through the portal of Hayya's card. For citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, category A1 is allowed in the portal of Hayya card. In addition, without compulsory medical insurance, entry is not allowed into the country.

So, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic planning to visit Qatar with tourist purposes should receive permission through the portal of Hayya cards in advance. Additional information is available on the website of the responsible state authorities of the State of Qatar:

Ministry of the Interior of the State of Qatar

E-government Hukoomi

Qatar Tourism Authoruty

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar

Embassy of the State of Qatar in Bishkek

Наyya Cart

Qatar Airways

Health Insurance

If the passport has an Israeli stamp, it is impossible to get any type of visa to Qatar.

Arrival at the International Airport. Hamad:

Passport validity:

Validity of a passport must be at least six months from the date of application for a visa.

What can not be imported into Qatar:

• Weapons and explosives;

• Ivory, and rhino horn, and products from them;

• Animal skin;

• Pork;

• Electrical appliances operating at a frequency that is not permitted by international communication standards;

• All types of drugs and medicines, which include narcotic and psychotropic substances;

• Alcohol products;

• Customs rules also prohibit the importation into Qatar of printed and video products of an erotic nature, as well as one that is capable of offending Muslim’s religious feelings and contrary to the norms of Islam or may be perceived as unfriendly to the state.


Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate is extremely low.

A single number to call the police, ambulance and fire services - 999.

Prohibitions and customs/manners:

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, first of all, should remember that Qatar is a Muslim country, the basis of legislation is Sharia. It is necessary to respect the customs, traditions, cultural characteristics and laws of this country.