Citizenship issues

Citizenship issues

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on Citizenship No. 70 of May 21, 2007, the acquisition of another citizenship by the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic does not entail termination of Kyrgyz citizenship.

The Law on Citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic provides for the termination of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of a written application of Kyrgyz citizens who have reached 18 years of age.

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic permanently residing in Hungary, when wishing to renounce the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, must provide:

1. A written application of the applicant to the Embassy about the intention to relinquish the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic indicating the reason for the relinquishment of citizenship (1 copy);

The application should contain passport data, actual address, telephone number, e-mail address.

2. Application form addressed to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic (the application form is filled by hand or with the use of technical means (typewriters, computers). The handwritten text of the application must be legible. When filling in the application form it is not allowed to use abbreviations and acronyms, as well as to make corrections. Answers to the questions in the application form must be exhaustive) (2 originals, 1 copy);

3. Original and copy of the passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic (3 copies);

4. Copy of birth certificate (in 3 copies);

5. Copy of the certificate of marriage/divorce/death of a spouse/court decision on the recognition of a spouse as dead or missing - if applicable (in 3 copies);

6. Document from tax authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic (according to the last place of residence on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic) about absence of tax arrears (1 original and 2 copies);

7. Autobiography with a telephone number and address, and citizenship of the spouse (1 original and 2 copies);

8. Personal declaration of the absence of unfulfilled obligations (alimony, property and other) to citizens and legal entities of the Kyrgyz Republic (1 original and 2 copies);

9. 3 color photographs 4×6 cm on a white background;

10. confirmation of payment of the state fee or consular fees or document on exemption from their payment (in 3 copies).

Consular fees are $510:

Consular fees are payable to the following Embassy account (Embassy bank details) prior to the consular action:

11. If the applicant has a spouse who is a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as dependents who are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, a written statement of their relation to the applicant's surrender of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic must be submitted;

12. If the applicant simultaneously applies for the renunciation of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic by his minor children, depending on the circumstances stipulated by the Law on Citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, the following must be submitted:

- A copy of the birth certificate / establishment of guardianship or custody / deprivation of parental rights;

- Notarized consent of the parties to terminate or retain the citizenship of the child if one of his/her parents or guardians remains a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic.

* Documents should be submitted in three (3) copies (1 original and 2 copies, * Application forms addressed to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic should be 2 originals, * Application to the Embassy is enough 1 copy).


Documents in a foreign language must be translated into the Kyrgyz or Russian languages and apostilled;

Applications are accepted for processing if all above-mentioned documents are available and are considered accepted for consideration from the date of submission of all required documents by the applicant;

Submission by the applicant of false documents or communication of knowingly false information is the basis for refusal to accept the application.

The term for consideration of the application and issuance of the relevant Decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic is up to one year.