Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

Cultural and humanitarian sphere is one of the most rewarding aspects of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. It is carried out through various programs, including programs of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency), JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center), Japan Foundation, etc.

In recent years the Embassy has organized a number of different events.

In 2017, a series of concerts was held under the title "Kyrgyz Nomad Spirit" with the participation of ethno-folklore theater "Ordo Sakhna", singer Gulzada Ryskulova and manaschy Kamil Mamadaliyev. Within the framework of this event were arranged 4 concerts, 5 lectures in the form of concerts in music educational institutions of Japan, as well as a reception on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and Japan, accompanied by the presentation of Kyrgyz national clothes and photo exhibitions by Erkinbek Boldzhurov.

In December 2017, Embassy arranged a Kyrgyz Language competition among Japanese citizens. JICA volunteers participated at this event. All participants were awarded with memorable gifts. The Embassy conducts courses of the Kyrgyz language. Students of these courses regularly promote the cultural activities of the Embassy as volunteers.

In September 2018, in commemoration of the Independence Day of the KR and the 90th anniversary of the Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov, it is planned to hold Kyrgyz films Days in Tokyo. During this event will be shown such films like "The White Ship", "the Queen of the Mountains", the premiere of the films "Manas in Hokkaido" and "600 days of hope".

Also, in the framework of celebrating of the Independence Day and in order to spread information about the tourist potential of the KR in September 2018 in Tokyo it is planned to hold a reception. During this event will be arranged a presentation of popular Kyrgyz textile products, participation of 7 leading Kyrgyz producers and winner of the Japanese song competition "Nodojiman the World" Gulyum Kasymbayeva.

During 2018, Embassy conducts work to invite the joint ensemble of TURKSOY to Japan. Nowadays, we reached arrangements to arrange concerts in the Akasaka Hall in the Minato and Persimun Hall in the Meguro cities (Tokyo), as well as in the Mirai Hall in Yokohama and the Culttz hall in Kawasaki. In addition, it is planned to arrange concerts-lectures in various universities of Japan, as well as to visit the Museum of Musical Instruments in Hamamatsu with a separate concert.

In addition, the Embassy regularly conducts numerous events dedicated to the promotion of the Kyrgyz Republic in Japan.