Address of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic Mr. R.Kazakbayev on the occasion of the International Day of Migrants dated December 18, 2020


Dear compatriots!

Today, the world is celebrating the International Day of Migrants. On this day, we once again recognize and gratefully celebrate the achievements of our compatriots who are in a foreign land. We understand the hardships of nomadic life, the need to adapt to new, often unfavorable living conditions in another country, far from family and friends. Once again we confirm the readiness of diplomats to come to your aid all over the world.

We express our gratitude for the invaluable contribution that you make with your labor to overcoming poverty in the country, through the support of your family members, and the entire economy of the Kyrgyz Republic. We know that many of the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, who are forced to look for work abroad, do it for the sake of a better future for their relatives, who are often in care: elderly parents, relatives with disabilities, children. This ability to care and compassion is an indicator of the highest degree of responsibility and a manifestation of heroism, readiness to overcome all the hardships of life in a foreign land for the sake of family and friends. We are in solidarity with you in striving to create better conditions for life in Kyrgyzstan and we want to bring closer the day when the sons and daughters of Kyrgyzstan return to the country and direct their abilities, strength and energy to creation, will continue to contribute to further socio-economic and cultural humanitarian development of the country.

There is a direct link between migration and development. While staying abroad, compatriots gain professional experience, knowledge, skills and new connections, join the world culture, learn the world, and, most importantly, what they can invest in the country upon returning from migration.

In 2020, international mobility has been drastically limited by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the closure of state borders, the global reduction in international transport links, and the loss of sources of income, our citizens found themselves in a difficult situation, needed help, and waited for assistance in returning to their homeland. Throughout the year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with activists of the diaspora around the world, does a great job to protect the rights and interests of vulnerable categories of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad, evacuate Kyrgyzstanis, restore international transport routes, attract technical, financial and humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan to fight with the consequences of the pandemic. We would like to thank all the volunteers who organized themselves and came to the aid of each of our embassies and consulates abroad. This support and assistance from compatriots has strengthened our confidence in the need to act together, in our unity and ability to face all challenges and threats together, on the way to a better future and prosperity.