Video message of the President Sadyr Zhaparov to the participants of the Fourth Asia-Pacific Water Summit "Water and sustainable development - a new generation and best practices"


On April 23, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, Sadyr Japarov, delivered a video message at the Fourth Asia-Pacific Water Summit “Water and sustainable development – a new generation and best practices”.

Here is the full text of the President's speech:

“Dear Chairman of the Summit,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am glad to welcome all participants of the summit!

I sincerely thank the distinguished Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Kishida, for inviting me to such an important event of global importance. Kyrgyzstan fully supports the goal of the summit and expects that the summit itself will contribute to the solution of modern challenges in the field of water resources in the interests of sustainable development.

I want to confirm that Kyrgyzstan is fully committed to the obligations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It should be noted that the coronavirus pandemic had the most negative impact on the timely implementation of the Goals in Kyrgyzstan. Today, when the pandemic has already been brought under control and humanity is gradually returning to normal life, I call on the world community to intensify collective efforts to achieve all the declared Goals by 2030.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Kyrgyzstan is a country of celestial mountains, where the water resources of Central Asia are formed. Climate change has become a very serious challenge for our unique nature, especially for centuries-old glaciers. In recent years, due to the melting of glaciers and "dry" winters, Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia are already experiencing all the negative consequences of a reduction in water resources. There is a shortage of water for the needs of the population and agricultural purposes, and the risks to the life and health of citizens, food security and socio-economic development have increased. In turn, we are taking steps to mitigate these negative impacts. In Kyrgyzstan, with the support of Japan and other international partners, the Taza Suu program is successfully implemented, aimed at increasing the access of the rural population to drinking water. In agriculture, advanced irrigation technologies are being introduced, existing ones are being modernized and new water infrastructure facilities are being put into operation.

At the initiative of Kyrgyzstan, last year the resolution of the UN General Assembly "International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development" and the resolution of the General Conference of UNESCO "Expansion of monitoring and research of mountain glaciers" were adopted, which are aimed at solving the problems of sustainable development of mountain regions and protecting their ecosystems, improving socio-economic living conditions for millions of people. In order to implement them in Kyrgyzstan, 2022 has been declared the Year of Protection of Mountain Ecosystems and Climate Resilience, and a roadmap of activities at the national level has been adopted. One of such activities is the nationwide campaign “Jashyl ​​Muras”, within the framework of which six million seedlings are planned to be planted across the country as a measure to curb climate change and conserve water resources.

Dear participants!

In conclusion of my message, I want to note that Kyrgyzstan will continue its comprehensive work aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We are also open and ready for active international cooperation, since only through joint efforts can we ensure the implementation of all the Sustainable Development Goals!

Thank you for your attention".