Republican headquarters: Procurement of medicines and oxygen concentrators continues


The Government continues to purchase the necessary medicines and oxygen concentrators. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Kubatbek Boronov at a meeting of the Republican Operational Headquarters.

As noted, issues are being worked out on concluding agreements with a number of countries for the supply of a list of medicines and medical equipment to the republic.

“A batch of 200 oxygen concentrators has recently arrived in the country. Another 500-1000 units of concentrators will be purchased. In the near future, 400 concentrators will arrive as humanitarian aid. Concentrators and medicines will be distributed between regions. If possible, they will be delivered to feldsher-obstetric centers in villages. The relevant government agencies need to intensify work on the provision of medicines and equipment through public supply, as well as on the creation of conditions for pharmaceutical companies to provide pharmacies in cities and regions. All regions of the country will be provided with appropriate medicines", said the Head of Government.

In addition, Kubatbek Boronov noted the importance of continuing to monitor and control the prices of medicines and medical services.

The Prime Minister paid special attention to the need to provide night time care hospitals in the capital with highly qualified specialists, given that seriously ill patients will be contacted at this time of day.

The Ministry of Health has been instructed to closely monitor the availability of personal protective equipment for health workers. The relevant authorities are tasked with streamlining the access regime in hospitals and adhering to the quarantine regime in order to prevent the spread of infection.