Early elections of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic on January 10, 2021


Dear citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic!

To exercise your electoral rights, a polling station at the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Japan has been approved (PEC No. 9019).

According to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, citizens who have submitted biometric data and are registered with consular registration abroad are automatically included in the voter list at the corresponding polling station.

Voters who are not consular registered and have not submitted their biometric data, have the right to submit an application of intent to vote to the Embassy by December 29, 2020.

You need to have with you:

1. passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic (ID-card) or a general civil passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic (foreign passport);

2.photo (3 * 4 cm - 2 pcs.).

At the same time, the Embassy, upon receipt of an application, registers the voter as a person who has entered the temporary consular register. Such registration is made for the period specified in the voter's application.

There are no consular fees for registration.

We also inform you that from November 19, 2020, the preliminary voter list has been posted on the Tizme portal (tizme.gov.kg) and posted at the polling station at the Embassy.

In case of any error, inaccuracy, or if the voter did not find himself in the preliminary list, it is necessary to apply to the Embassy with an application by December 29, 2020. At the polling station - in this case, the voter undergoes biometric identification.

The final list is posted at the polling station 7 days before the election day.