Efforts of the Kyrgyz diaspora in the United States to assist residents of the Batken region

The Kyrgyz diaspora in the United States continues to support active work on aiding victims in the Batken region.

In accordance with the information of the representatives of the diaspora on May 6, compatriots living in different cities and states of the United States collected funds for the following amounts:

- New York (New York State) - 22.0 thousand US dollars (+ 1-347-852-1941 - Turat);

Ohio - 20.0 thousand US dollars (+ 1-513-265-6251 - Altynbek);

-pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) - 10.0 thousand US dollars (+ 1-213-500-9408 - Basyzbek);

-Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) - 20.0 thousand US dollars (+ 1-267-212-6775 - Aziz);

- Chicago (Illinois) - 105.0 thousand US dollars (+ 1-312-610-3018 - Kiyal);

- Chicago (Illinois) - 14.0 thousand US dollars (+ 1-267-333-5219 - Kanybek).

If you would like to provide financial support, you can contact the above-mentioned telephone numbers.

The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the USA and Canada expresses its deep gratitude to compatriots living in the United States for invaluable assistance to the residents of Batken region.