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Young generation is the fundament of future sustainable and progressive development of any state in economic, political, cultural, scientific, cultural and social dimensions.

Understanding the importance of comprehensive and proper upbringing and development of youth Government of the Kyrgyz Republic approved in 2017 the Program of Youth Development Policy for 2017-2020. The main tasks of the Program are self-realization of young generation, shaping the new generation of citizens responsibly participating in the country’s sustainable development and who are competitive in political, economic, cultural and social spheres.

In framework of this Program a very important instrument of the Kyrgyz youth upbringing exists in Kyrgyzstan. It is called the Chingiz Aytmatov’s State Youth Award and the main aim of it is attraction of best creative forces of the Republic to create literary writings for upbringing the youth in the spirit of patriotism and creation for democratic reforms, development and preservation of traditional spiritual and moral values of our culture, endorsement of principles of humanism, spiritual and physical upbringing of the young generation.

Involvement of the youth to intercultural dialogue and training of respect for cultural diversity is the powerful means of the youth integration into society by increasing the cultural level of the state of the young generation. In order to achieve it Government of the Kyrgyz Republic established in 2014 the Spiritual Culture Development Foundation called “Iyman” which supports the initiatives aimed at increasing of spiritual and intellectual potential of the citizens, assists Kyrgyzstan and its civil society in strengthening sectarian consent. The Foundation implements its tasks in several dimensions including the projects aimed at support of writers and poets called “Kalem zhana Iyman” and the project uniting talented youth called “Intellectual Investment”.

Understanding the fact that the most of the young men of Kyrgyzstan live in rural areas President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Zheenbekov declared 2018 the Year of Regions’ development by signing the Order. During this year the public bodies will be aimed at support of small and medium entrepreneurship, promotion of export specialization of the country’s provinces, improvement of transport services, extension of access to public and municipal services, development of healthcare system, education, development of cultural and social spheres of life, security and infrastructure development of borderline territories. 

Moreover, the work over expanding access to education for the youth from rural areas is being conducted. In 2016 in the Naryn province the University of Central Asia was opened. This was the result of international cooperation between Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Aga-Khan Development Network. The University expands opportunities of rural dwellers including firs of all young men to acquire qualified education and increase possibility to find a decent job.

In addition, Government of the Kyrgyz Republic accepted the Program of Digital Transformation called “Taza Koom” was adopted. The aim of the Taza Koom is the transition to digital format of Kyrgyzstan’s economy.  Currently in framework of the Program it is possible to acquire electronic services like registration of living, marriage and property certificates issuing and application for issuing passport. Also, in framework the Program there will be the expansion of access to internet and other means of communication in every province of the country will improve access for women in mountain areas to public and municipal services and expand education opportunities.

The Kyrgyzstan’s important contribution to the promotion of intercultural dialogue on national, regional and international level is the World Nomad Games. This year the Kyrgyz Republic will hold the Third World Nomad Games which will gather the participants from every corner of the Earth and once again will demonstrate the commitment to ideals of equality, mutual respect of cultures and cooperation on the basis of peace and consent.

We are inviting all of You to take part in the Third World Nomad Games in September of 2018.


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