Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

The cultural, humanitarian and educational spheres are one of the most dynamic areas of Kyrgyz-Turkish cooperation.

Over the years of cooperation in the framework of educational scholarships, more than 3 thousand students from the Kyrgyz Republic have been trained in universities.

Currently, about 1,500 citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic are studying at universities, of which more than 750 are being educated with state scholarships.

In addition, as part of the scholarships allocated by Turkey's  Directorate of Religious Affairs and the Foundation for Religious Affairs of the TR, more than 200 citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic study at theological faculties of Turkish universities and theological lyceums.

In turn, students from Turkey study at the Kyrgyz-Turkish University Manas, which has become a kind of educational bridge between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

The parties are working on an Agreement in the field of education, which is fundamentally different from the basic agreement and aims to organize new conditions for teaching Kyrgyz students in the TR, taking into account the new realities.

Under the Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Health and Medical Sciences, the Republic of Turkey annually provides the Kyrgyz Republic with a quota for free treatment of 100 Kyrgyz citizens per year in medical institutions of the Republic of Turkey. On May 21, 2019 in Geneva, an Agreement was signed between the Мinistries of health of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Turkey on increasing the quota for free treatment of Kyrgyz citizens in Turkish clinics from 100 to 150 people.

Cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey in the cultural and humanitarian sphere is implemented at the level of state, international and public organizations, including through the CCTS, TURKPA, TURKSOY, TIKA, the Union of Municipalities, etc.

Together with TURKSOY and the Kyrgyz diaspora in Turkey, a number of events were held, which were dedicated to the declaration of 2018 as the Year of Ch. Aitmatov in Kyrgyzstan and TURKSOY.

In 2019, the Days of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic are scheduled to be held in the Republic of Turkey.