Trade and Economic Cooperation

Economic relations between Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine are carried out on the basis of bilateral agreements and the use of the preferences of multilateral treaties within the framework of the CIS and the WTO, which provide both countries with a free trade regime.
The main goods of the Kyrgyz export are aircraft and spacecraft (78% of the total volume, export growth by 162%), raw skins and tanned leather (15%), nuclear reactors and boilers (1.6%), electrical machines and equipment (1 , 5%), as well as various food products, edible fruits and nuts, mineral fuel, optical tools and equipment (3.9%).
The main articles of Ukrainian imports to the Kyrgyz Republic are: pharmaceutical products (19.2% of the total, growth (+) 3.2%); meat and edible meat offal (17.2%, + 43.3%); cereal, flour, starch or milk products, flour confectionery (15%, +25.7); sugar and confectionery (9.5%, a decrease of (-) 53%); cocoa and its products (9.1%, -31.2%); nuclear reactors and boilers (6.7%, -37%); electrical machinery and equipment (5.9%, -62%); paper and cardboard, paper products (2.7%, -51%); milk and dairy products, poultry eggs, natural honey, food products of animal origin (2.3%); optical instruments and equipment (1.9%, + 104%); plastics and products from them (1.3%, -22%); processed products of vegetables, fruits, nuts (1.1%, -35%); soap and detergents (0.8%, -45%) and others.
The share of Ukraine in the total foreign trade turnover of the Kyrgyz Republic was 0.5%. Ukraine ranked fifth after Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus in terms of exports of goods to Kyrgyzstan, and among all countries of the world in terms of exports of goods to twelfth place after China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, USA, Germany, Japan , Lithuania, Belarus and India.