Trade and Economic Cooperation

The sectors of economy and agriculture of the two countries are complementary. So, Iran produces a lot of industrial, petrochemical and agricultural products necessary for Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan, in turn, is able to supply Iran with the necessary livestock products, beans, etc.

The basis of Kyrgyz exports to Iran are mainly meat, beans, nuts, special products, ferrous scrap, imports - various foodstuffs, tiles, chemical products (dyes, detergents, plastic products), clothes, carpet products and floor coatings, equipment and mechanical devices for industry and other consumer goods.

Iranian entrepreneurs became one of those who were the first to enter the market of Kyrgyzstan and organized regular industrial and trade exhibitions in Bishkek and Osh, many of them are currently successfully operating.

According to the information of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic between the Kyrgyz Republic and the IRI, active work is being carried out in establishing business contacts with the Iranian side, regular exchange of information is held between the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of both countries.

More than 200  iranian and joint ventures with the participation of Iranian capital are registered in the Kyrgyz Republic, of which 64 conduct their trade and economic activities. Of the total number of these companies, more than 70% are related to the export and import of raw materials and finished goods, trade and services, 30% of the manufacturing industry, the processing of agricultural products, residential and industrial construction, the production of building materials, and international transport traffic.

To date, 18  iranian companies have been registered and operate on the territory of the Bishkek FEZ.