Country Information

Official name: Islamic Republic of Iran.

The state in South-West Asia between the Caspian Sea in the north and the seas of the Indian Ocean (the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea) in the south. It borders on land in the west with Iraq and Turkey, in the north with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, in the east with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

1. Capital - Tehran

2. Area: 1648195 km²

3. Population - 86 666 342 people (in 2022  year).

4. The main nations: Iranians 51%, Azerbaijanis 20%, Kurds 9%, Lurs 6.6%, Arabs 2.1%, Turkmen 1.5%, Baluchs 1.3%, Armenians 0.2%, Pashtuns 0.18%, Talysh 0.17%.

5. State language: Farsi (Persian), Arabic is also studied in schools.

6. The state system is an Islamic republic, a unitary state divided into 30 provinces.

7. Official religion: according to article 12 of the constitution, Islam of the jafarit sense, recognizing the existence of 12 imams (Shiites); other Islamic beliefs, in particular the Hanafi, Shafi'i, Malikit, Hanbali and Zeidit, are fully respected.

8. The head of the state is the Supreme Leader of the country Rahbar or, in other words, faqih, the highest public office in the Islamic Republic of Iran, established in accordance with the doctrine of “Velayat-e-faqih”. The supreme leader is the leader of the state. (From June 4, 1989 – Ayatollah  Ali  Khamenei).

9. The head of government is the president-elected (from August 3, 2021 to the present - Ebrahim Raisi), whose authority is confirmed by the Supervisory Board headed by fakih.

10. The unicameral parliament is called the Assembly of the Islamic Council "Majlis" (270 deputies elected for 4 years); 1 deputy each is elected from religious minorities: Zoroastrians, Jews, Armenian Christians, and 1 deputy from Assyrians and Chaldeans.

11. Phone code  00-98

12. The time difference with Bishkek: + 1 hour from March 21 to September 23 during the period of summer time in Iran; -1 hour  in winter.

13. Calendar —  Hijra: the new year is coming on March 21; To transfer the date from the Iranian calendar to the Gregorian one can add 621 years.

14. Closed on Fridays

15. Monetary unit: Iranian rial (IRR code according to ISO international standard), 1 $ = 43,162.61 Iranian rial (IRR), 1 € = 48,570 rial IRR (reference rate of the Central Bank of Iran for September 2018).

Official holidays in Iran:

• February 11th Day of the Revolution (1979)

• March 20, the Day of the nationalization of the oil industry (1951)

• March 21 Nooruz

• 1 April  Day of the Republic

• April 2 Day of Nature

• June 4, the Day of Remembrance of His Highness Imam Khomeini

• 10 Moharram Mourning Day for the 3rd Shiite Imam Hussein ibn Ali (“Ashura”).