Useful information

Dear citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, traveling to Malaysia!

In connection with the increasing incidence of detention of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic by the Immigration Service of Kuala Lumpur International Airport for various reasons that are not appropriate for the purpose of arrival, we kindly recall the following.

When passing through passport control, in accordance with the Malaysian Immigration Act 1959/63, authorized Immigration / Passport Control officers may ask relevant questions regarding the purpose of arrival. Also, Immigration officers have the right to check with citizens the returning a travel ticket, availability of funds and booking at the hotel.

It should be emphasized that, according to the Agreement between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Government of Malaysia on partial cancellation of the July 20, 1995 regime, the visa-free regime for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic for a period of 3 months applies exclusively to tourist trips. In other cases (work, study, etc.), citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic must provide written approval / invitation from the relevant Malaysian authorities.

In the absence of enough funds, reservations at a hotel or a return ticket, a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic may be returned back to Bishkek or to the country from which you entered Malaysia.

The Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Malaysia strongly recommends that the following requirements of the Immigration Service of Malaysia be met in order to receive an entry tourist stamp in the travel document:

The period of validity of the travel document should not expire earlier than after 6 months;

Have a return air ticket with you;

Have a copy of the reservation at the hotel;

Carry the necessary amount of money with you (about $ 500 for approximately 10 days);

Answer questions from the Immigration office politely and calmly;