Citizenship issues

According to the law about the Kyrgyz citizenship sighed on 21 of May, 2007 when a Kyrgyz citizen gets a citizenship of another country he does not need to resign his Kyrgyz citizenship. But he can do it according to the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The following documents are required:

  1. Application form for the resignation of the Kyrgyz citizenship (3 copies)
  2. Birth certificate (original document + 3 copies)
  3. Marriage certificate (original document + 3 copies) − if a person is married
    1. Divorce certificate (original document + 3 copies) − if a person is divorced
    2. Spouse death certificate (original document + 3 copies) – for widows and widowers
    3. Court decision on the spouse`s death or missing spouse ( original document + 3 copies) – if necessary
  4. The document from the Tax Service of the Kyrgyz Republic that the person does not have any tax debts (original document + 3 copies)
  5. Passport of the Kyrgyz Republic (original document + 3 copies)
  6. 3 colored photos 4*6 with white background
  7. Consular fee that can be paid in the Consular section of the Embassy
  8. Link to file 

Application form should be filled by block letters (printed filled application forms are better), without corrections and abbreviations, only letters and numbers can be used.

If an applicant applies for resignation of minor children as well, other documents are also required:

  1. Birth certificate, guardianship or deprivation of parental rights certificates (copies)
  2. Agreement between parents about future citizenship of the child notarized by the Consular section  (if one parent is the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic)
  3. Agreement of the child between 14-18 years old on the change of the citizenship notarized by  the Consular section

Adults (18 years and older) can apply for the change of the citizenship by themselves.

Application must be signed by the applicant himself in front of the officer of the Consular section. Date should be written as well.

Consular fee can be found on web-site in “Consular fees” section. It can be paid in terminal in the Consular section of the Embassy.


Link to file