Recognition and Reclamation

According to the Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases, signed in Minsk on January 22, 1993 and in Chisinau on October 7, 2002, documents issued or witnessed by a competent institution or specially authorized person within its competence in the prescribed form and sealed with the official seal, are accepted in the territories of the following states without any special certificate:

• 1. Republic of Azerbaijan;

• 2. Republic of Armenia;

• 3. Republic of Belarus;

• 4. Georgia;

• 5. Republic of Kazakhstan;

• 6. Republic of Moldova;

• 7. Russian Federation;

• 8. Republic of Tajikistan;

• 9. Turkmenistan;

• 10. Republic of Uzbekistan;

• 11. Ukraine.

In this regard, documents issued by the competent institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic and sealed with a stamp stamp are accepted on the territory of the Russian Federation without any special certificate (For example: The certificate of marital legal status issued by the Republican archive of the registry office of the Kyrgyz Republic does not require the seal of the Embassy or other body of the Kyrgyz Republic ).

At the consular section of the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Russian Federation, on the basis of a personal application, you can request the number 1 forms, certificates of marital legal capacity, etc. (if you have consular registration).