Citizenship issues

In accordance with Article 6 of the Law “On Citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic” of May 21, 2007 No. 70, the acquisition by the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic of another citizenship does not entail the termination of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic. Termination of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic is possible as a result of withdrawal from it in the manner prescribed by the Law "On Citizenship" of the Kyrgyz Republic. In connection with the absence of a bilateral agreement on dual citizenship, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic residing in Switzerland and Italy who wish to acquire foreign citizenship must issue a withdrawal from citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic. To do this, you must submit the following documents to the Kyrgyz Embassy in Geneva:

1. Application form addressed to the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. A copy of the foreign identity card or the original confirmation of the possibility of granting the applicant Swiss or Italian citizenship in the event of renunciation of the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic (with translation into Russian or Kyrgyz).

3. A copy of the passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic (former USSR) with a note of permanent or temporary residence and registration with the consulate.

4. A copy of the birth certificate.

5. A copy of the marriage certificate, the certificate of divorce, death of the spouse (spouse) or a court decision declaring the spouse (spouse) dead or missing in appropriate cases.

6. Document of the tax authority of the Kyrgyz Republic (at the last place of residence in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic) on the absence of tax arrears.

7. Three color photographs measuring 3х4 cm.

8. Confirmation of payment of the consular fee (for adults – 350 USD, for children under 16 years old – 175 USD, for citizens over 60 years old – 175 USD). Attention: in case of dissatisfaction of the application, the consular fee is not to be eturned to the applicant.

9. Two marked envelopes (each of 3.95 euros) with the return address.

10. Please, submit all documents in three (3) copies.

11. If the applicant at the same time applies for the minor children to leave the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic, then, depending on the circumstances stipulated by law, the following shall be submitted:

- certificate of birth, establishment of custody or guardianship, deprivation of parental rights;

- written consent of the parties to terminate or retain the child’s citizenship if one of the parents or guardians remains a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, notarized or certified by a diplomatic mission, or a consular office of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- written consent of children aged 14 to 18 years to change citizenship, notarized or certified by a diplomatic mission or consular office of the Kyrgyz Republic.