Useful information

Useful tips for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic staying in the Republic of Turkey (recommendations, etc.)

Before enteringTurkey, first of all, check whether all the necessary documents have been properly prepared. Passport should not be damaged.

While abroad, keep your passport with you, do not give it to anyone for storage or as a deposit.

If you are visiting Turkey for the purpose of rest, as a tourist, then you must have a medical insurance, issued through the appropriate travel agency.When you receive an insurance policy, specify which medical services you can get in Turkey and how they are paid.Careless attitude to the health insurance can result in large expenses in case of illness, accident, etc.It is recommended to make copies of tickets; passport pages (both foreign and internal) with metric data, registration stamp; driver's license (if any); credit cards; twin tow; invitations.

It is useful to study information about the Republic of Turkey: the political situation, climatic conditions, laws and customs, behavior in public and other places.In particular, it should be borne in mind that Turkey is a country with 99% of the Muslim population, and this leaves a definite imprint on the norms of behavior in public places.

Work Permit in Turkey

An application for a work permit in Turkey can be submitted both in Turkey and in the country of residence or citizenship.Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic residing outside Turkey should contact the Turkish Consulate in Bishkek.Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who have a valid residence permit (valid for at least 6 months, with the exception of residence permits for the purpose of study), can apply directly to the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services of Turkey to obtain a work permit in Turkey.

Documents required from a future foreign employee of a Turkish company:

• an employment contract (for a specified period) concluded between an employer and an employee, filled out on a computer, with the presence of a live signature and seal of the firm - the employer;

• a copy of the residence permit (with a minimum of 6 months visa), notarizedcopies of all completed pages;

• passport translation certified by a sworn translator or official authorities (with a validity of at least 2 years);

• photo - 1 pc .;

• a diploma translation certified by a sworn translator or official authorities;

Documents required from the employing company:

• application form completed by the employer;

• originals of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement for the last year, certified by a tax authority or a chartered accountant;

• the original of the Journal of the Trade Register, indicating the last state of the structure of the company and capital;

• notarized signature circular;

• certificate of registration with the tax inspectorate, obtained from the Internet;

• Registration SSK - company number;

• If all documents are submitted correctly and in full, the process will take about 30 days. The applicant will get permission by phone or e-mail.

After completing the work permit and approval of the application for a work visa, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services of Turkey is required to be paid for the work permit.