Visa issues

Press release on the «Electronic visa system of the Kyrgyz Republic»

The «Electronic visa» system operates in Kyrgyzstan from September 1, 2017.

The «Electronic visa» system has greatly simplified the process of arrival in our country foreign tourists and business travelers; it also has reduced the time and money during the issuance of visas.

For the time of the «Electronic visa» system’s work, more than 20 thousand visas of various categories were issued electronically, which indicates the success of the work of the system.

It should be noted that during the summer tourist season there is a sharp increase in the number of visa applications (January — 1301, February — 1167, March — 2049, April — 1249, May — 3505, June — 4149, July — 5672).

The statistics on issued electronic visas show that ffie*system is becoming more actual and is in great demand, both for foreign tourists and for domestic companies inviting foreign citizens. Some dissatisfactions associated with terms considering applications or refusal to issue electronic visa arises. considers it necessary to pay attention to the following.

Electronic visas are issued in accordance with the Instruction on the procedure for issuing and issuing visas, approved by the Government of the     Kyrgyz Republic on 15 March 2017 № 155.

According to the above mentioned ^Instruction, the terms for issuing electronic visas are 3 working days, taking into account receipt of all documents provided by the Instruction, duly executed.

Consideration of applications submitted outside of working hours, on weekends or public holidays, starts at 9.00 am on the next working day.

However, there are cases of failure to comply with the established review period, which is due to the following factors:

  • Large number of applications are received with errors (incorrect personal data (name, date of birth, passport number, validity of the passport, telephone numbers and addresses);
  • Attached photographs or passport images with low-quality;
  • Visa applicants provide an incomplete package of documents required by the Instruction;
  • Inviting organizations submit documents with an expired validity period (certificates of the Social Fund and the Tax Service on the absence of debts of the requesting organization);
  • Some applications, in connection with security issues, are considered for a longer period;
  • — Operators of the «Electronic Visa» system are forced to correct the mistakes of the applicants, accordingly, more time is spent for these applications, which negatively affects the promptness and timeliness of issuing of visas.
  • On the basis of the foregoing, during the filling out applications for obtaining electronic visas on the website, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic request to all data be carefully checked and all required documents are properly provided by the applicant.
  • In order to avoid material losses, the Ministry also asks not to purchase air tickets to the Kyrgyz Republic before receiving notification of the approval of the electronic visa.
  • Additional information can be found on the website of the «Electronic visa», as well as by sending an e-mail to