Trade and Economic Cooperation

The current level of bilateral trade and economic cooperation is considered low and does not fulfill the existing potential of the two countries. Kyrgyz-Pakistani Joint Ministerial Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation is operating to promote the development of trade and economic cooperation. The protocol on establishment of Kyrgyz-Pakistani Joint Ministerial Commission was signed in 1994. Three Joint Commission meetings were held in 2003, 2007 and 2017. Third Session of the Kyrgyz-Pakistani Joint Commission was held in Islamabad on January 11-12, 2017, co-chaired by the Minister of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic Arzybek Kozhoshev and Federal Minister for Water and Power of Pakistan Khawaja Muhammad Asif, which led to signing of the Final Protocol of the Third Meeting of the Joint Ministerial Commission.


The Embassy facilitated a business visit on October 4-8, 2019 of Pakistani business delegation of seven representatives from Gourmet Foods Company to Kyrgyzstan to study investment and export opportunities. During the visit, Pakistani businessmen met with leaders of small and medium size businesses, Ministry of Transport and Roads, Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism, Agency for Promotion and Protection of Investments, State Tourism Company, Bishkek Free Economic Zone to explore investment opportunities in Kyrgyzstan and conduct negotiations.

The Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic held seminars for Kyrgyz specialists on transition to the Registered Exporter System (REX) to benefit from Pakistan’s experience in exporting products to the European Union using GSP+. Pakistani expert Kamal Shahriyar visited Kyrgyzstan in July and September 2019.

Ambassador Erik Beishembiev visited cities of Gujranwala and Lahore of Punjab Province on December 7-10, 2019 where he met with Mayor of Lahore Maleeha Lodhi, Chamber of Commerce members and entrepreneurs. 

Ambassador Erik Beishembiev visited Lahore of Punjab Province on May 30, 2020 to meet the President of Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry Irfan Iqbal Sheikh along with other honored members of the chamber.

2020-zhyldyn November 2 Lahor shaaryndagy Avari meymankanasynyn conference zalynda “Kyrgyz-Pakistan eki taraptuu mamilelerinin kelechegi: sooda, investment jana tourism boyuncha onnöktöshtuk” degen themeda business forum jana tegerek table bolup öttü.

2020-zhyldyn 10-11-December Bishkek shaarynda “Zhibek zholun kaira karap chyguu: Kyrgyzstan zhana Pakistan oz ara baylanysh doorunda” degen zhalpy temada birinchi jolu kyrgyz-pakistan business forum, tegerek table zhana medicinelyk conference bolup өttu.

2021-zhyldyn October 27 Bishkekt Elchilik Lahore university menen өnөktөshtүktө zhana Kyrgyz өnөr zhaychylar zhana ishkerler soyuzunun kөmөguү menen “Oz ara baylanysh corridorroru: Pakistan zhana Kyrgyzstan” ekinchi kyrgyz-pakistan business forum.ө social dyk-economics to integration nyn doorund".
2021-zhyldyn 30-November Elchi U.Totuyaev Pakistan Islam Respublikasynyn Prime Minister Sood Zhana Investmentlar Boyuncha Federaldyk Ministerin Darazhasyndagy Keneshchisi Abdul Razak Daoud menen zholugushtu.

2021-zhyldyn 7-December Elchi U.Totuyaev Pakistandyn Tynchtykty izildөө jana diplomacy institute zhana El aralyk Rifa university tarabynan uyushturulgan

Elchilik 2021-zhyldyn 27-28-December 2022-zhyldyn 18-22-February Kyrgyz Republics Menen Pakistan Islam

Kyrgyz Republicsynyn Economy zhana sooda ministerligin statisticssyna ylayik, 2021-zhyly Kyrgyz Republics menen Pakistan Islam Respublikasynyn orthosundagy commodity zhүgurtүүү 8.945 million USD tuzd, anyn ichinen export - 1.205 million USD t, import - 7.743 USD t. million US dollars. 2020-zhyldyn ushul mezgiline salyshtyrmaluu sooda zhүgүrtүү 21.1% ha östu, anyn ichinde import 42.6% ha östu, export 36.8% ha azaida.

Imports from Pakistan to Kyrgyzstan were pharmaceuticals, textiles, food and agricultural products (rice, tea, citrus fruits, and vegetable oil), etc. while exports to Pakistan were beans, livestock and tanned leather.