Visa issues


سفارة الجمهورية القيرغيزية في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة – أبو ظبي


I. If you are a citizen of one of the following countries, you can visit Kyrgyzstan up to 60 days without obtaining a visa.

Visa Waiver Countries (45 countries):

1. Australia

13. Ireland

25. New Zealand

37. Croatia

2. Austria

14. Spain

26. Norway

38. Czech Republic

3. Belgium

15. Italy

27. United Arab Emirates

39. Switzerland

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

16. Canada

28. Poland

40. Sweden

5. Vatican

17. South Korea

29. Portugal

41. Estonia

6. United Kingdom

18. Kuwait

30. Saudi Arabia

42. Qatar

7. Hungary

19. Latvia

31. Singapore

43. Brunei-Darussalam

8. Germany

20. Lithuania

32. Slovakia

44. Bahrain

9. Netherlands

21. Liechtenstein

33. Slovenia


45. Japan

10. Greece

22. Luxembourg

34. United States of America


11. Denmark

23. Malta

35. Finland


12. Iceland

24. Monaco

36. France


Note: If you are going to stay more than 60 days, you need to obtain visa for more period at the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic to the UAE.

II. If you are a citizen of one of the following countries, you can obtain a visa at any Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic abroad or upon arrival at the airport «Manas» in Bishkek city.

Facilitated Visa Countries:


6. Israel

11. Romania

16. Macedonia

21. Oman

2. Andorra

7. Mexico

12. Montenegro

17. Venezuela


3. Argentina

8. Thailand

13. San Marino

18. Chile

23. Iran

(only business and tourism visas)

4. Bulgaria

9. Philippines

14. Vietnam

19. Indonesia


5. Brazil

10. Cyprus

15. Serbia

20. Republic of South Africa


To apply, you need to submit during interview with consul of Embassy:

1. Two completed Visa Application Form (can be received in Embassy).

2. Two color photo (3,5*4,5 sm).

3. A valid passport (along with 1 photocopy of the main page) that should have at least one clear page for a visa stamp. Your passport must be valid for at least 180 days after the validity of the requested visa expires.

Visa Processing Time

After completed visa application form is received with all of the required documents the Consular Section of the Embassy will process and issue visa within 4 working days. Visa also can be issued within 1-3 working days where the urgent rate of the consular fee is increased by 100% (see prices below).

III. Other Countries

For citizens of other countries which not mentioned above visa procedures includes followings steps:

Step 1

Getting of Visa Support Letter from concerned authorities in Kyrgyzstan.


Applicants that are under 14 ages do not need in getting VSL.



First of all, you need to submit Request of visa to the Embassy and attach your passport’s and Emiratis residence’s colored copies. Request must be signed by the applicant and dated with personal and contact details.

Note: Letter of request without applicant’s signature and contact are not considered. Getting of VSL may take 4-6 working days.

Also, your host person/organization or touristic agency in Kyrgyzstan can reach out to the Consular Department of the MOFA of Kyrgyzstan directly and submit Request of visa with provision of abovementioned documents. Your inviting party must indicate the place of getting visa (Embassy in Abu Dhabi, General Consulate in Dubai or airport).

Step 2

Interview with Consul

After receiving of VSL consul of the Embassy will invite you to the Embassy to interview on the reasons and circumstances of the visit.

You are requested to bring following documents:

-2 completed Visa Application Form (can be completed  in the Embassy).

-2 color photo (3,5*4,5 cm).

-Original of passport.

Note: Consul official may ask you to provide additional documents if it is required.

Step 3

Issue of visa

Once the visa application is accepted on the basis of the documentation produced by the applicant and the results of the interview, which is normally, conducted directly and personally, the diplomatic mission issues visa within 4 working days.

Visa also can be issued within 1-3 working days where the urgent rate of the consular fee is increased by 100% (see prices below).


Note: The rate of consular fees for visa issue in weekends and holidays (Kyrgyz and Emiratis) is increased by 200 %.

Visa fees should be paid in First Abu Dhabi Bank (Abu-Dhabi Branch).

Details of beneficiary:

«Embassy of Kyrgyzstan to the UAE»/Account number 1411003772008020.

Type of visa

Standard service

(within 4-5 business days)

Urgent service

(within 1-3 business days)

Tourist visa

Single-entry tourist visa /up to 1 month

148 AED

259 AED

Single-entry tourist visa /up to 3 month

185 AED

333 AED

Two-entry tourist visa /up to 1 month

240 AED

443 AED

Single-entry visa (business/private/study)

Single-entry visa up to 1 month

222 AED

407 AED

Single-entry visa from 1 up 3 months

259 AED

481 AED

Single-entry visa from 3 up 6 months

296 AED

555 AED

Multiply-entry visa (business/private/study)

Multiple  -entry visa up to 1 month

259 AED

481 AED

Multiple  -entry visa from 1 up 3 months

333 AED

629 AED

Multiple  -entry visa from 3 up 6 months

480 AED

923 AED

Multiple  -entry visa from 6 months up 1 year

702 AED

1367 AED

Any questions on visa issues do not hesitate to phone at +971 2 5581370

or contact by e-mail: