Useful information

Recommendations to citizens traveling to Europe

When visiting European countries, in order to avoid loss of documents, financial assets, personal belongings, etc. as a result of theft, robbery and other force majeure circumstances, the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the Kingdom of Belgium strongly recommends to be vigilant and careful!

Highly recommended:

1. Show general vigilance and caution.

2. Keep documents (regular passport, etc.) separate from financial assets and valuables.

3. Do not keep documents, funds and valuables in your pockets.

4. Bags with valuables, documents, etc., should never be left unattended. It is necessary that bags with valuable things, documents, etc., are under constant control of the owners.

5. Bags with valuable things, documents, it is desirable to carry on a belt over his shoulder in front of him, but not behind his back or side.

6. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, especially in open crowded places.

7. Avoid potentially dangerous places.

8. Take care when moving late.

In case of loss for various reasons of documents, in particular, a general passport, which is a travel document, without which border crossing is impossible, and valuable things, the following actions should be taken:

1. Immediately contact the consular officer of the nearest diplomatic mission of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. After informing about the incident and obtaining the necessary information, immediately contact the nearest police station.

3. Independently record the time of treatment.

4. Apply at the police station (orally or in writing) and request that a protocol be drafted.

5. Get the original or a copy of the protocol.

6. Independently record the address, contact details of the police station, as well as the name and position of the police officer (s) who accepted the application and drafted the protocol.

7. Contact for further instructions with the consular officer of the nearest diplomatic mission of the Kyrgyz Republic.

8. If it is necessary to design the CER, prepare two photos (for each person) of no more than 3x4 cm.

General recommendations and notes

- In cases of loss of a civil passport abroad, a procedure is provided for issuing a Certificate of Return to the Kyrgyz Republic (SVR), which allows you to return to Kyrgyzstan. The document is issued for a period not exceeding 30 days.

- It should be borne in mind that the certificate of return to the Kyrgyz Republic entitles the citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic to return to Kyrgyzstan from the country of actual residence and does not give the right to visit other countries, regardless of the reasons.

- In the event of loss of a regular passport, you should not panic. It should be as calm as possible. If timely addressed to the nearest diplomatic representation, the citizens will be provided with the necessary assistance in obtaining a certificate of return to the Kyrgyz Republic.

- Registration of documents is a formality that provides for the need to comply with the requirements established by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

- After returning to the Kyrgyz Republic, you should contact the State Registration Service for a common passport within a month and, when submitting the documents, attach the received Certificate of Return to the Kyrgyz Republic.

Entry, stay and transit requirements:

Tourist and private visas are issued at the German Embassy in Bishkek.

Work, student, service and diplomatic visas are issued at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Moscow (Russia).

Obtaining a residence permit. A residence permit for a foreigner who has arrived in Belgium for a period of more than three months can be obtained from the administration of the commune in whose territory he was registered upon arrival and resides.

The validity of a residence permit is sometimes determined by the duration of a specific mission: study, internship, etc. If the term is not specified, the residence permit is issued for a period of one year with the possibility of subsequent annual renewal in the prescribed manner through the commune.

The residence permit is requested at the Embassy of Belgium. A foreigner arriving in Belgium first receives a certificate of registration in the commune. After a positive decision on the issue, the Ministry of Internal Affairs instructs the municipality to issue him a certificate of entry in the register of foreigners or a residence permit. In the event of a negative response from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the registration certificate is withdrawn, and the foreigner is issued an order to leave the territory of Belgium (as a rule, within a period of up to two weeks).

Passport Validity:

To obtain a visa, you must submit a passport, the validity of which expires no earlier than 6 months before the expiration of the visa.

Customs control: In Belgium and Luxembourg, common EU rules for duty-free entry apply.

Alcohol and cigarettes:

- alcoholic beverages with a strength of more than 22%, non-denatured ethyl alcohol with a strength of 80% or more - one standard bottle (up to 1 liter) or spirits on a wine or alcohol basis (taffia, sake and similar drinks with a strength of 22% or less);

- sparkling wines, fortified wines - one standard bottle (up to 1 liter);

- still wines - 2 liters;

- tobacco products - 50 cigarettes or 10 cigars, or 50 grams of smoking tobacco.

Other. Perfumes: 50g perfume or 250g (8oz) eau de toilette.
Coffee: 500 g coffee or 200 g coffee extract.
Tea: 100 g tea or 40 g tea extract.

Items prohibited for import/export: Weapons, drugs and perishable products, animal products

Sanitary control: Not always checked

Phytosanitary control: Not always checked

Veterinary control: Exist