Trade and Economic Cooperation

According to the Ministry of еconomy and сommerce of the Kyrgyz Republic, the trade turnover between the Kyrgyz Republic and Japan in January-March 2022 amounted to 7.92 million US dollars (exports 220 thousand imports 7.7 million US dollars). In comparison, in the period January-March 2021, the trade turnover amounted to 5.89 million US dollars (exports 60 thousand imports 5.83 million US dollars). In comparison, there is an increase in trade turnover of 2.03 million US dollars, as well as an increase in exports by 160 thousand US dollars.

Promotion of the export of Kyrgyz goods to the Japanese market:

With the active assistance of the Embassy, the volume of honey exports to Japan is increasing every year, there are actual results in this direction and there is a growth trend. As part of the promotion of domestic products and goods to foreign countries, in 2021, 43.4 tons were exported to Japan for 25.390 million soms of Kyrgyz honey (2018 -8.3 tons, 2019- 13.4 tons, 2020- 15.7 tons) .

Measures to promote trade and economic cooperation:

On February 9, 2022, a business webinar was held as part of the online exhibition "Central Asia - Virtual EXPO 2 (CAVEX2)"

The online platform "Central Asia - Virtual EXPO 2 (CAVEX2)" provides information on the investment potential of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as on the activities of Ulay-style companies, Dordoi Association, Farmakhim-K, EcoFloris, Dolon System, Pasedena Moda, Japan style, Unique Technologies, ITMC Tien-Shan, OF Rescue in the mountains, KR Climbing club, KR Hi-Tech Park, Aman-Greenfood, Alysh-dan organic, I DO MARKETING.

The business webinar consisted of three sessions:

 1) Economic situation and investment climate of the Kyrgyz Republic,

 2) Opportunities for cooperation in the field of employment, human resource development and IT,

3) Opportunities for cooperation in the field of agriculture, food and textile industries.

The event was attended by representatives of state bodies, as well as representatives of business circles of the Kyrgyz Republic and Japan. From the Kyrgyz side, representatives of ministries and departments made presentations on the potential for cooperation in the field of energy, agriculture, geology and subsoil use, tourism and employment of citizens abroad. From the private sector, companies and organizations Japan Style, High-Tech Park of the Kyrgyz Republic, Unique Technologies, Kanda Software, Aman-Greenfood, Alysh-Dan Organic, EcoFloris, Tokyo Rope.