Useful information

Useful tips for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic staying in Turkmenistan:

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic may enter and stay on the territory of Turkmenistan on the basis of an entry visa to Turkmenistan, unless otherwise established by international treaties of Turkmenistan.

Under the Agreement between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Government of Turkmenistan on mutual trips of citizens, signed on March 6, 2000 in Ashgabat, for holders of diplomatic and official passports, there is a visa-free regime for up to 30 days.

Foreign citizens, stateless persons, as well as natural and legal persons who invited them, to enter and leave Turkmenistan to obtain visas apply to the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan:

Within Turkmenistan - Through the regional offices of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan;

Outside of Turkmenistan - Contact through consular and diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan in foreign countries.

Applications for visas and attached documents, starting from the moment they are received by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan, in the usual manner - within 10 (ten) working days, as a matter of urgency - within 3 (three) working days.

Visa invitations are issued by the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan for three months.

To extend the period of visas, you must contact the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan and file an application and necessary documents in the prescribed manner before the expiry of the visa, and for work visas, you must submit the documents two months before the expiration of the visa.

A foreign citizen upon termination of the visa term, if the petition for extending the visa term is not satisfied, the visa granted to him is canceled and the period of stay is shortened, and upon expiry of the term in Turkmenistan, he is obliged to leave Turkmenistan.

If there is a valid or unused visa in the passport or other document replacing it of a foreign citizen, only after the cancellation with a special stamp will a new visa sticker be issued. Extending the visa is not related to this.

Visa categories:

• diplomatic visa - DP;

• service visa - OF;

• business visa - BS;

• work visa - WP;

• private visa - PR;

• student visa - ST;

• tourist visa - TU;

• transit visa - TR;

• medical visa - HL;

• driver's visa - DR;

• exit visa - EX.

If a foreign citizen loses a passport with a visa sticker stuck during his stay in Turkmenistan:

- immediately notify the internal affairs bodies of Turkmenistan and the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan about the loss, as well as receive a confirming act in the internal affairs bodies of Turkmenistan;

- apply to the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Turkmenistan to further establish the identity of the person to the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic and issue a Certificate of Return to the Kyrgyz Republic (SVR).

Movement across the territory of Turkmenistan:

Foreign citizens, stateless persons can freely enter and move around the territory of Turkmenistan, open for visiting by foreign citizens, stateless persons.

In areas closed to foreigners, stateless persons, their entry and movement in this territory is carried out with the permission obtained in accordance with the laws of Turkmenistan.

Foreign citizens, stateless persons are obliged to leave Turkmenistan in the following cases:

- upon expiration of the visa, residence permit;

- in case of dissatisfaction with the application for the extension of the visa, residence permit;

- subject to the reduction of the period of stay in the country or the cancellation of a visa, residence permit, and upon expiration of the period of stay in Turkmenistan, determined on other grounds.

Registration of foreign citizens:

1. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, after entering the territory of Turkmenistan and upon arrival at their destination, when changing their place of stay within the country, are required to register at the place of stay in the migration service bodies within 3 (three) working days, not counting the day of entry into the country on the basis of visas for the provision of a personal application or application of the receiving party of the established form, valid foreign passports.

Registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons is carried out on the basis of written requests from receiving legal entities and individuals, organizations. The extension of the registration of foreign citizens, stateless persons is carried out after the extension of a visa or residence permit in Turkmenistan.

2. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, members of a group of drivers of foreign vehicles engaged in the carriage of passengers and goods in international traffic, if their stay in Turkmenistan is not more than 5 (five) days, are registered only at the migration control posts of the State Border of Turkmenistan when transportation and transportation in the direction of settlements, including at destinations. If the period of their stay in Turkmenistan, starting from the date of entry to the country’s territory, exceeds 5 (five) days, taking into account the day of entry into Turkmenistan, they are registered with the migration service authorities up to 15 (fifteen) days.

3. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who transit through the territory of Turkmenistan are registered only at migration control posts if the period of their stay in Turkmenistan, not counting the day of entry, does not exceed 5 (five) days.

4. Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who arrive in Turkmenistan through tourism are registered with the State Tourism Committee of Turkmenistan.

De-registration of a foreign citizen:

Receiving parties upon expiration of a visa, employment contract, study, residence permit in Turkmenistan or upon expiry of other reasons that are the reason for being in Turkmenistan, must be provided within 3 (three) working days from the time a foreign citizen leaves for limits of Turkmenistan to the bodies of the migration service appeal on its removal from the register of registration (form No. 1).