Recommendations for citizens, traveling to the Ukraine

General information about country

Official name, territory, population:


Total area - 603628 km² (without the territory of Crimea controlled by Russia, it is 576,604 thousand km²)

The population is 44,291,413 people.

Capital, major cities:

The capital is Kiev, in total in the territory of Ukraine there are 459 cities (Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Donetsk, Zaporizhia, Lviv, Kryvyi Rih, Nikolaev, Mariupol, Lugansk, Vinnitsa. Kherson, Poltava, Cherkasy, Sumy, Zhytomyr, Uzhgorod, Ternopil, etc. )


The climate of the country is moderately continental, gradually changing from west to east.

Official lunguage:




Holiday and non-working days:

1st of January - New Year

7th of January - Christmas

8th of March - International Women's Day

28th of April - Easter (the date of the celebration is determined annually).

1st of May - International Workers' Day of Solidarity.

9th of May - Victory Day

16th of June - Trinity

28th of June - Constitution Day of Ukraine

24th of August - Independence Day of Ukraine

14th of October - Day of Defender of Ukraine

25th of December - Christmas is a Catholic holiday.



1 USD = 26.2 UAH. (As of June 2019)

Transport communication with the Kyrgyz Republic

Flight connection (transit through Almaty or Istanbul).

Railway (transit through Russia).


Diplomatic mission and

consular offices of the Kyrgyz Republic

Contact details of the diplomatic mission and consular offices of the Kyrgyz Republic:

Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic

Address: 01015, Kiev, Pechersky district,

Redutny lane 19/34.

Теl.: +38-044-237-03-46, +38-044-237-03-47,




facebook: Посольство Кыргызстана в Украине

Emergency call: +38-068-903-36-99 (mobile number of Consul).

Entry / exit procedure

requirements for stay and transit

Visa issues:

Visa free (up to 90 days, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, may temporarily stay on the territory of Ukraine for no more than 90 days within 180 days from the date of the first entry). The maximum period of visa-free stay in Ukraine for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic is 90 days, only for a visit - private, business, medicine / treatment, science / education, sports, media, tourist.

- Place of obtaining a visa: Ukraine's visa is issued at the Ukrainian Embassy in Bishkek. At the address: Bishkek, Manas Ayily St., 1-A, telephone: + 996 701888463, fax: + 996 312 881915, e-mail. E-mail:, website of the Ukrainian Embassy in Bishkek:

From April 2018, Ukraine began issuing electronic entry visas for foreigners. The visa is issued on the website

From January 1, 2019, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Ukraine, the visa on arrival at the airport was canceled.

GENERAL LIST OF DOCUMENTS that are submitted for all types of visas

1) the passport must be valid for at least three months after the declared date of departure from the territory of Ukraine; contain at least two free pages; valid for no more than 10 years;

2) completed and signed visa application form;

A completed and signed visa application form - to speed up the processing of a visa application, please follow this link to fill out the application form online:

Attention: The presence of a visa application form previously registered, printed out and personally signed by the applicant, as well as other documents required for obtaining a visa, will significantly reduce the waiting time for processing an application for opening a visa.

3) one color photograph of 35 x 45 millimeters;

4) a medical insurance policy with a coverage of 30 thousand euro.

In the case of consideration of an application for a multiple-entry visa, the availability of a health insurance policy valid for the period of the first planned trip to Ukraine is checked.

5) documents confirming the availability of sufficient financial security for the period of the planned stay (such documents are: availability of funds (including payment vouchers, cards, bank statements, etc.) at the rate of $ 40 per day + 200 dollars minimum; booking or payment for accommodation and meals in Ukraine; travel voucher; letter of guarantee from the host; ticket for return with a fixed date).

6) a document confirming the payment of the consular fee.


Issued to foreigners and stateless persons to enter Ukraine with the purpose of paperwork that give the right to stay or reside in Ukraine for a period that exceeds 90 days.

A long-term visa is issued by a diplomatic mission or consular office of Ukraine as a reusable visa for 90 days.

The basis for obtaining a long-term visa is one of these documents:

- availability of a work permit for a foreigner issued by the Employment Center;

- A document confirming marriage with a citizen of Ukraine;

- a document that confirms the belonging of a foreigner to a family member of a non-resident who has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine;

- a copy of the Immigration Permit (as the basis for obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;

- a document confirming the family membership of a person recognized as a refugee in Ukraine or a person who needs additional protection or who has been granted temporary protection in Ukraine;

- invitation to study (internship) issued by a higher education institution and registered in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Science;

- invitation of a state institution, enterprise, organization that is a recipient of an international technical assistance project;

- invitation of a religious organization, agreed with the state body that registered the charter (provision) of the relevant religious organization, for a long-term stay in order to preach religious dogmas, perform religious rites or carry out other canonical activities;

- invitation of a branch, branch, representative office or other structural unit of a public (non-governmental) organization of a foreign state, registered in the prescribed manner; invitation of a branch, department, representative office of a foreign business entity registered in the prescribed manner; invitation of a branch or representative office of a foreign bank registered in the prescribed manner;

- the appeal of a foreign media to issue a visa to a foreign correspondent or a representative of a foreign media who enters Ukraine for a long-term stay in order to fulfill their official duties;

- the appeal of the competent authorities of foreign states or international organizations on the issuance of visas to employees of diplomatic missions and consular offices, international organizations and their missions entering Ukraine for a long-term stay in order to fulfill their official duties, and members of their families;

- inviting the relevant state body responsible for the implementation of cultural, educational, scientific, sports programs, programs in the field of volunteering, to participate in which a foreigner or a stateless person arrived in Ukraine, or an invitation to an organization or institution that attracts volunteers to its activities, information about which is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, along with a copy of the certificate of state registration of such an organization or institutions;

For obtaining permission to immigrate to Ukraine outside the quota

To obtain a permit for immigration to Ukraine outside the immigration quota, foreign nationals must apply to the Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kyrgyz Republic with a visa application visa D-14 (family reunion). According to the “Rules for issuing visas for entry into Ukraine and transit through its territory”, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 1, 2017 No. 118, a long-term visa (denoted by the letter D) is issued to foreigners and stateless persons to enter Ukraine with documents giving the right to stay or reside in Ukraine for a period exceeding 90 days. The specified visa is issued as a multiple for 90 days, unless otherwise provided by legislation or international treaties of Ukraine.

Registration of visas in the usual manner - up to 10 working days from the date of receipt of the visa application form, documents required for visa processing and payment of the consular fee, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine. The period for consideration of an application for a visa can be extended up to 30 calendar days if it is necessary to conduct further verification of these documents. In urgent - up to 5 business days. Urgent visa processing is carried out at the request of the applicant and in the case of such an opportunity.

The following documents are submitted for obtaining a D visa in connection with family reunification:

1) completed and signed visa application form;

2) passport (original and copy);

3) two color photographs measuring 35x45 mm;

4) a valid health insurance policy and a copy thereof;

5) a document confirming the fact of being married to a citizen of Ukraine - Marriage certificate (original or notarized copy);

6) a notarized invitation of an individual - a citizen of Ukraine (close relatives, father, mother, spouse, children);

7) a document confirming that the receiving party has sufficient financial support for the maintenance of family members (a certificate of employment with an indication of salary, a payment card with an extract from the applicant’s personal bank account confirming the available amount of money, a document of title or certificate of state registration of ownership of housing, and in the case when housing does not belong to the receiving party - written consent of the owner (co-owner) of such housing);

8) documents confirming the availability of sufficient financial security for the period of the planned stay or the opportunity to receive sufficient financial security in a legal way on the territory of Ukraine. In the case of consideration of a visa application for a multiple-entry visa, the availability of sufficient financial support for the period of the first planned trip to Ukraine is checked. In determining sufficient financial support for an alien or stateless person, duly confirmed financial obligations of the host country who invited the alien or stateless person are taken into account;

9) document confirming the payment of the consular fee.

Together with the general package of documents is also provided:

1. passport spouse (s) - a citizen of Ukraine;

2. birth certificate of children.

3. information about family composition (certificate of family composition).

Additional information on how to obtain a Ukrainian visa:

Official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine:

The features of entry to some regions of Ukraine


According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic to travel to the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, certain territories of the Donets’k and Luhans’k regions, not controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, require a special permission. Entry and exit to the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, uncontrolled territories of Donets’k and Luhans’k regions are regulated by the Procedure for entering and exit from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on July 4, 2015 No. 367. Detailed information is available on the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kyrgyz Republic at:

Taken the above into account, citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic are recommended to refrain from traveling to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, uncontrolled territories of Donets’k and Luhans’k regions.

In case of an emergency visit to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, uncontrolled territories of Donets’k and Luhans’k regions, it is recommended that before departure to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, uncontrolled territories of Donets’k and Luhans’k regions to consider the “Procedure for entering and exit from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine”, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on July 4, 2015 No. 367, and in advance to issue a permit.


Proof of sufficient FINANCIAL SUPPORT

Entry into Ukraine, staying on the territory of Ukraine and transit through the territory of Ukraine for foreigners is carried out if there is sufficient financial security or there is an opportunity to receive such legal security on the territory of Ukraine:

- The verification of the availability of sufficient financial support is carried out by authorized officials of the State Border Service selectively, in the case of the implementation of the second line control procedure.

- the required amount of sufficient funds for living (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 884 of December 4, 2013 “On approving the Procedure for confirming sufficient financial support for foreigners and stateless persons to enter Ukraine, stay in Ukraine, transit through Ukraine” and limits and determination of the amount of such security ").

According to the Procedure, compliance with this requirement is determined on the basis of $ 750 for 15 days in Ukraine.

Requirements for the validity of a passport upon entry into the country:

The recommended requirement for the duration of the passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic upon entering the country is three months after the end of the trip, valid for at least three months after the declared date of departure from the territory of Ukraine; contain at least two free pages; valid for no more than 10 years.

A trip to Ukraine with children:

The procedure for crossing the Ukrainian border by minor children is similar to the procedure for the entry into the country of adult citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

To visit Ukraine, a child, regardless of age, must have his own international passport.

Travel of children to Ukraine: When passing through passport control, children following only one of their parents are carried out without the written consent of the father (mother).

The exceptions are those cases when an application was issued to prohibit a child from going abroad. At the same time, the notarized consent of the parents will be required when making a minor trip abroad, accompanied by relatives or accompanying persons.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE LOST A Border Crossing Document

In the event of the loss of a passport document on the territory of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons must immediately inform the receiving party and the internal affairs body (police) to obtain the relevant certificate confirming this fact. At the same time, departure from the territory of Ukraine is carried out in a visa-free manner using a passport document or certificate of return, which is issued to foreigners by a diplomatic mission or consular office of their state in Ukraine.

Customs control:

The customs rules of Ukraine 2019 are the same for all types of crossing the customs border of Ukraine: by plane, by train, by car (except for the total amount of purchase), by water. The rates of transportation of currency, goods, drugs, food, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages and other items are calculated for one person of any age at one border crossing within one day (24 hours).

When crossing the border in international ports, passengers choose one of two types of border crossing: passengers pass through the “green” corridor without declaration and without paying customs duties; on the “red” corridor - passengers must pass customs control, document verification, written declaration (filling in the customs declaration) and pay customs duties.

A passenger goes through customs control along the “green” corridor (without filling out a customs declaration and no customs fees), if he carries personal belongings in luggage, food for personal use for a total of up to 200 euros, goods for a total of up to 1,000 euros, and currency up to 10,000 Euro (equivalent), drugs not more than 5 packs, alcoholic beverages within the normal range (strong alcoholic beverages up to 1 l., wine up to 2 l., beer up to 5 l.) and tobacco products (not more than 1 cigarette block or not more than 250 gram of tobacco).

Passing customs through the green corridor frees citizens from filling out a customs declaration.

IMPORTANT! From 01.01.2018, new rules for duty-free import of goods in hand or accompanied baggage - up to € 500 (at airports - up to € 1000) and weighing up to 50 kg will apply for those who have been absent in Ukraine for more than 24 hours and enter per country no more than once within 72 hours. According to the changes made by BP to the Tax Code (No. 6776-e), with more frequent tax-free entry, you can import goods up to € 50. New restrictions do not apply to the transport of baggage through checkpoints that are open to air traffic.

FOOD PRODUCTS: what products can be transported across the border It is allowed to transport food for own consumption in Ukraine for a total amount of up to 200 euros in the following quantities: Products in the manufacturer’s packaging intended for retail trade (for example, chocolate, spaghetti, tea, coffee, olive oil, etc.) - it is allowed to transport 1 package or with a total weight of up to 2 kg of each item; Products without packaging (for example: fruits, vegetables, meat, lard, cheeses, etc.) are allowed to carry up to 2 kg of each item; Products without packaging - an indivisible product, ready for immediate consumption (for example: smoked chicken, sausage, home canned food, etc.) - are allowed to carry in the amount of 1 piece of each item. Example: One person can take a package of tea, coffee, chocolate, up to 2 kg of apples, up to 2 kg of pears, up to 2 kg of potatoes, up to 2 kg of carrots, up to 2 kg of mushrooms, up to 2 kg of meat, up to 2 kg of lard, 1 smoked chicken, 1 stick of sausage, 1 can of home canned food, 1 can of home-made honey, etc. But the total amount of all food items should not exceed 200 euros! Secure personal luggage and the luggage of other passengers - hermetically pack food in a special container for transportation. In the case of importing food products into the territory of Ukraine, they are declared (oral or written - at the request of the owner of the products or at the request of a customs official).

MEDICINES: Medicines and drugs can be transported in baggage and hand luggage in the following volumes: no more than 5 packs (cans) of each item for one person (except for drugs that contain narcotic and psychotropic substances); not more than the amount specified in the prescription from the attending physician (as a rule, for a course of treatment requiring a greater amount of drugs). This is possible only with a prescription, in which the names and names of the attending physician and patient are indicated, the signature of the physician and the seal of the clinic are present.

SPECIAL BABY FOOD: Parents, guardians, or other family members can import special baby food into Ukraine that is not produced or sold in Ukraine. It applies to children with diseases that require special nutrition. Special baby food can be carried in hand luggage and luggage in the following standards: no more than 5 packs (cans) of each item per person; not more than the amount specified in the prescription from the attending physician. The prescription must include the names and names of the attending physician and the child being treated, the signature of the physician and the seal of the clinic. Passengers carrying special meals must have documents confirming their family ties with a sick child.

TOBACCO and TOBACCO PRODUCTS: Adult passengers (over 18 years old) are allowed to carry tobacco and tobacco products within the following limits: up to 200 cigarettes (200 cigarettes = 10 packs of cigarettes = 1 block of cigarettes) or up to 50 cigars, or up to 250 grams of tobacco per one adult person.

If a passenger transports tobacco or tobacco products within the specified norm, then he passes along the “green” corridor, if more - along the “red” corridor, fills in the customs declaration, pays customs duties.

ALCOHOL: Adult passengers (over 18) can carry alcoholic beverages with them within the following limits:

- up to 1 liter of vodka, rum, brandy, tequila or whiskey (or other strong alcoholic beverages, the alcohol content of which exceeds 22%);

- up to 2 liters of wine, up to 5 liters of beer per adult.

If the passenger transports alcohol or alcoholic beverages within the specified norm, then he passes along the “green” corridor, if above - along the “red” corridor, fills in the customs declaration and pays customs duties.

Alcoholic beverages can be transported: alcohol purchased outside the airport - only in checked baggage; it is forbidden to carry in hand luggage; alcohol purchased at the airport - in special packaging when purchased at DutyFree or on board the aircraft.

Items prohibited for import and export:


- it is forbidden to import into the territory of Ukraine:

- food products without a certificate of conformity;

- Printed and video materials promoting violence, racism and war; explosive and toxic substances;

- weapons, narcotic, psychotropic, poisonous, radioactive metals.

Transportation of tobacco and tobacco products, as well as alcohol and alcoholic beverages by minors passengers is prohibited!

Veterinary control:

If you want to bring domestic animals into Ukraine, you must have a veterinary passport and a veterinary certificate in the F-1 form, issued not later than 72 hours before crossing the border.

Security issues in the country


During your stay in Ukraine, we advise you to always carry with you a document proving the identity and legality of your stay in the state. This will allow in case of checking to avoid a long stay at the police station.

Despite the large influx of illegal migrants into the country, baseless verification of documents does not often occur. But due to other facts (sobriety, disturbance of public order, etc.) a passport will be required of you.

Hard sanctions are applied to drivers who are driving while intoxicated.

In recent years, the number of crimes such as pickpocketing, theft of bags and other personal property has increased during trips on public transport (bus / subway). Care should be taken in crowded places. You should be especially attentive at railway stations and when using public transport.


For entry into Ukraine citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic can issue a letter of guarantee, an invitation letter from a natural or legal person. The document contains information about the inviting party, the data of the foreigner, the purpose of the visit to Ukraine and the financial obligations of the host. Guarantee letter of invitation must be certified by a Ukrainian notary.

Precautionary measures:

- on the street - make a photocopy of your personal documents, and if possible do not carry originals with you;

- in case of theft or loss of credit cards, traveler's checks, cancel them, call your bank for this;

- on the street, avoid street demonstrations and other cases of large crowds of people;

- when traveling in public transport payment for the fare is made immediately;

- without special need do not carry large sums of money with you; do not carry money in handbags under any circumstances;

- if you go for a walk with your family, agree in advance where you will meet, if someone gets lost;

- do not walk alone in the unlit streets;

- on excursions - before each excursion check availability of tickets for this excursion;

- do not carry a large amount of cash;

- do not be late for boarding the bus at the beginning of the tour. During the tour, come on time to the place designated by the guide during the stops during the tour program;

- for the money and valuables left in the tour bus, the driver is not responsible;

- at the end of the tour do not forget your things in the bus.

- at the airport - watch your luggage, do not leave it unattended even for a short time;

- Do not change large sums of money at the airport, since you will not need them on the way.

- recommendations on hotel accommodation - keep money, documents and valuables in the hotel safe.


Legislation of the country

on the stay of foreign citizens:

Documents for crossing the state border of Ukraine

Foreigners and stateless persons enter Ukraine with a valid passport and a visa specified by law or an international agreement of Ukraine unless otherwise provided by legislation or international agreements of Ukraine

On the basis of the Agreement between the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on mutual trips of citizens, dated February 25, 2004, Kiev for citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic:

- passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic;

- diplomatic passport;

- service passport;

- certificate of return to the Kyrgyz Republic, in case of loss of the passport document on the territory of Ukraine and only for returning to the Kyrgyz Republic;

- certificate of the aircraft crew member (if there is an entry in

flight task);

- ID of the employee of the train crews (if available

route sheets);

- seafarer's identity card (in the presence of the ship’s role or

extracts from it);

- ID of an intergovernmental employee

courier communication.

Notarized copies of passport documents, birth certificates, visas do not give the right to cross the state border.

The procedure and procedure for registration of foreign citizens:

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic without registration at the place of temporary stay can be in Ukraine up to 90 days.

Migration Calculator:

Registration at the checkpoint at the state border includes putting a foreigner and stateless person in the passport document and / or immigration card or other documents stipulated by the legislation, “Entry” mark, entering information about the foreigner and stateless person, their passport data in the appropriate register .

The immigration card is filled in by a foreigner or a stateless person for each person separately regardless of age:

- at the checkpoint across the state border at the entrance to Ukraine;

- in the vehicle of international communication;

- in any other place when downloading and printing an immigration card form from the official website of the State Border Service of Ukraine:

The immigration card is filled in personally by the owner of the documents giving the right to enter Ukraine, using Latin inks or a ballpoint pen in black, blue or purple, legibly without any blots or corrections.

It is allowed to fill in an immigration card with a person who accompanies foreigners or stateless persons who are persons with disabilities and / or young children or who may fill out an immigration card for other reasons.

The items “Date of birth”, “Passport number”, “Visa number”, “Year of birth of children”, “Vehicle number (flight)” are filled in with Arabic numerals.

By filling out paragraphs 1–12 of the “Arrival” part and paragraphs 1–5 of the “Disposal” part, a foreigner or a stateless person puts his personal signature in paragraphs 13 and 6, respectively (download: -zapovnennya-immigraciynoi-kartki).

In case of loss or damage to the completed “Disposal” (OUT) part of the immigration card, in order to confirm by a foreigner or a stateless person the observance of the rules and the period of stay in Ukraine, the foreigner or stateless person requests the Main Special Information Processing Center of the State Border Service of Ukraine ( Ukraine, Kiev, 01601 Vladimirskaya St., 26).

Registration at the checkpoint at the state border:

- foreigners and stateless persons arriving in Ukraine may temporarily stay on its territory on the basis of registration at a checkpoint at the state border;

- according to part 2 of article 9 of section II of the Law of Ukraine "On the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons", paragraph 6 of article 19, Section IV of the Law of Ukraine "On the State Border Service of Ukraine" and pursuant to Decree of the President of Ukraine of August 30, 2017 No. 256 " the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated July 10, 2017 "on strengthening control over entry into Ukraine, departure from Ukraine of foreigners and stateless persons, their observance of the rules of stay in Ukraine", from January 1, 2018 at checkpoints across the border (paragraphs to control, CPVV with TOT ARK) the biometric data of foreigners and stateless persons is recorded during border control;

- fixing the biometric data of foreigners at the time of their first entry into Ukraine at airports and automobile checkpoints is carried out by scanning the fingerprints of five fingers of the right (left) hand;

- in the case of foreigners traveling by train, the biometric data is recorded directly in the train carriages by scanning the fingerprint of the index finger of the right (left) hand;

- Further identification of foreigners and stateless persons, whose biometric data was recorded during their first entry into Ukraine, is carried out by scanning the fingerprints of one to four fingers of the right (left) hand.

The procedure and procedure for employment of foreign citizens:

For legal employment of a foreigner in an enterprise, it is necessary to issue a work permit in Ukraine for foreign citizens.

Site of the State Employment Service of Ukraine:

According to the law, Ukrainian employers have the right to hire foreign citizens. This can be done on the basis of an employment contract. In this case, a permit from the state employment service is required The paperwork for obtaining the appropriate permit is the responsibility of the employer.

Duration of work permit:

The validity of a work permit is likewise dependent on the category of employee:

- for the category of special workers and seconded - up to 3 years;

- for internal corporate assignees - for the whole period of work in Ukraine;

- for all other foreigners, the duration of the permit is up to 1 year.

In 2019, the official fee is 7684 UAH. for the annual resolution of 11526 UAH.

In 2019, the subsistence minimum is equal to 1921 UAH. Accordingly, for the annual RNT state payment will amount to 7684 UAH.

Currency calculator:

Employment of foreigners is carried out without a work permit for persons:

- with a permanent residence permit in Ukraine;

- with official refugee status;

- who are granted asylum (temporary protection);

- workers of the foreign fleet (including air);

- mass media;

- Employees of representative offices of foreign companies are employed on the basis of a service card;

- professional athletes, artists, artists;

- employees of rescue services;

- clergy to work in religious organizations;

- workers involved in international technical assistance projects;

- teachers to work in universities;

List of documents:

- a statement according to an established model depending on the type of employment of the foreigner;

- a copy of the passport: one photo size 3.4 x4, 5

- A copy of the employment contract.

Additionally provided: for graduate - a copy of the nostrified (legalization of the Ministry of Education) in Ukraine diploma; foreign workers of creative professions provide documents that identify the object of copyright / related rights and confirm authorship for seconded workers, you must have a contract between a foreign and Ukrainian enterprise when employing a foreigner in the category “internal corporate assignee”; in Ukraine.

Additionally served (depending on categories):

 - for all categories it is necessary to submit a copy of the draft labor contract with a foreign worker;

 - in the employment center, they independently receive information on the formation of the authorized capital of the company at the time of filing the relevant application. This applies to employed founders / participants or controllers of a legal entity;

 - university graduates - a copy of a diploma of higher education. Need a legalized translation into Ukrainian;

 - at the expense of creative professions, these are copies of documents certifying copyright or related rights;

 - for foreigners in the IT sphere, the relevant authority receives data on the registered type of activity;

 - employees on a business trip - a copy of the contract between the Ukrainian and foreign subjects with the content of certain types of services and volume;

 for internally corporate assignees it is necessary to decide a foreign business entity to transfer their employee to work in Ukraine. At the same time, a copy of the contract is needed (it is concluded between a foreigner and a foreign business entity, the period is indicated);

If a foreigner is recognized as a refugee and needs additional protection

- A copy of the decision on the execution of a document on recognition of refugee status, a certificate of appeal on the issue of protection.

 Not required: Certificate of no criminal record, a certificate of education. For certain categories, additional documents are necessary, but in general the procedure consists of 4: a statement from the employer, a page of an alien's passport (copy), a photo and a copy of the draft employment contract.

 No employment permit required:

 - if you invest in the state 100 thousand euros (if a foreign founder makes at least 100 thousand euros in the authorized capital, is entitled to receive a temporary residence permit for up to 2 years, then there is no need for a work permit).

 A special category of foreigners with the right to a 3-year work permit. The category includes professionals with a high income (at least 50 meters. H. - 160 thousand UAH). Also these are founders, beneficiaries, graduates of prestigious universities, IT-professionals.

The procedure for extending a work permit for an alien:

A work permit may be renewed an unlimited number of times. According to the new rules for obtaining a work permit, documents are submitted no later than 20 days before the expiration of the document.

The term of consideration of the application for the extension of the work permit is 3 days.

Payment must be made within 10 days from the receipt of the decision on renewal.

Documents for extending a work permit:

- statement;

- color photograph size 35x45 mm;

- other documents are filed in the event of changes in the primary documents (on the basis of which the permit was issued).

The employer is obliged to conclude an employment contract with a foreigner within 90 days from the date of issuance of the permit and provide a copy to the Employment Center within 10 days from the date of conclusion. Otherwise, the permission will be canceled.

Additional Information:


(Attention: The list of Internet links in paragraph Additional consultation is for informational purposes only and is not a recommendation.).

Punishment for crimes:

According to the general basis, according to the current legislation of Ukraine, criminal responsibility comes from 16 years (total age of criminal responsibility).

The legislation of Ukraine for committing a crime The Criminal Code of Ukraine determines which socially dangerous actions are crimes and what penalties apply to the persons who committed them.

According to Art. 51 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to persons found guilty of committing a crime, the court may apply the following types of punishment:

1. fine;

2. deprivation of a military, special rank, rank, rank or qualification class;

3. deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities;

4. community service;

5. correctional labor;

6. service restrictions for military personnel;

7. confiscation of property;

8. arrest;

9. restriction of freedom;

10. the maintenance in a disciplinary battalion of the military personnel;

11. imprisonment for a fixed term;

12. life imprisonment.

The application to a person who has committed a socially dangerous action of the indicated means of state coercion is a method of legal regulation of those relations, the impetus for the emergence of which is a legal fact - the commission of a crime.

Responsibility of foreigners and stateless persons - Foreigners and stateless persons residing on the territory of Ukraine are subject to administrative liability on a general basis with citizens of Ukraine. The question of responsibility for administrative offenses committed on the territory of Ukraine by foreigners who, according to the laws in force and international treaties of Ukraine, enjoy immunity from the administrative jurisdiction of Ukraine, is resolved through diplomacy.

Administrative responsibility occurs under the following conditions: the presence of an event that provides for administrative responsibility and the existence of a corpus delicti. The basis for the application of administrative responsibility is the determination of the fact of an administrative offense.

The established age limit for bringing to administrative responsibility are persons who have reached the age of 16 at the time of committing the administrative offense.

The measures applied to minors - for committing administrative offenses to minors between the ages of sixteen and eighteen years can be applied the following measures: the obligation to publicly or in some other way ask for forgiveness from the victim, a warning, reprimand or severe reprimand, the transfer of the minor under the supervision of parents or to persons replacing them, or under the supervision of the pedagogical or labor collective by their consent, as well as to individual citizens at their request.

The issue of administrative liability for violation of customs regulations is regulated by the Customs Code of Ukraine.

Persons who have not passed the mandatory declaration and violated the customs rules of Ukraine on the export / import of cash, are liable in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. A completed customs declaration is the basis for the exportation / importation of the cash in it and for carrying out operations within one year from the date of the declaration.

Family law of the country:

Of particular importance for the regulation of family relations are the norms of the second section of the Constitution of Ukraine, where the rights, freedoms and duties of a person and citizen are fixed. According to Part 1 of Art. 24 of the Basic Law of the country, citizens have equal constitutional rights and freedoms, and also determines the ways to ensure equality of rights of women and men.

The right to start a family in Ukraine has women who have reached the age of 17, and men - 18 years old.

The basic principles of the regulation of family relations are enshrined in Articles 51 and 52 of the Constitution of Ukraine.

According to Art. 51 marriage is based on the voluntary consent of the woman and man; each spouse has equal rights and duties in marriage and family, parents are obliged to support their children until their age of majority, and adult children to take care of their disabled parents;

family childhood, motherhood and fatherhood are protected by the state. Article 52 (Parts 1 and 2) provides for the equal rights of children, regardless of their origin, whether they were born in or out of marriage, and the prosecution of any violence against a child and his exploitation. The maintenance and upbringing of orphans and children deprived of parental care is entrusted to the state, which encourages and supports charitable activities in relation to children. Part 1 of Art. 26 of the Constitution, according to which foreigners and stateless persons staying in Ukraine legally enjoy the same rights and freedoms, as well as bear the same duties as citizens of the state. In the protection of family rights play an important role in. 55, which provides for the right of citizens to judicial protection, and Art. 56, securing their right to compensation for material and moral damage caused by unlawful decisions, actions or omissions of state bodies, local authorities, their officials and officials in the exercise of their powers by the state or local governments. The position of Part 2 of Art. 124, according to which the jurisdiction of the courts applies to all legal relations arising in the state. Most of the provisions of these norms of the Constitution are developed and specified in the articles of the IC of Ukraine

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989 p., Ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on February 27, 1991, and the Declaration on the General Principles of the State Policy of Ukraine Concerning the Family and Women, some provisions of which were reflected in individual articles of the UK, are of great importance for regulating family relations. However, they do not exhaust the list of regulations governing family relations.

Civil law is central among the branches of law governing property relations. Therefore, its norms may subsidiaryly apply to family, labor and other issues. Important for the regulation of family relations between parents and children are the laws of Ukraine dated July 11, 2001 "On preschool education", dated May 23, 1991 "On education, dated November 15, 2001" On prevention of domestic violence ", dated April 26, 2001" On protection In the regulation of family property relations, in accordance with Article 8 of the Investigative Committee, the provisions of the Civil Code may be applied in a subsidiary manner. Family relations are also regulated by secondary legislation, in particular, the Guardianship Rules, approved by order of the State Committee of Ukraine for Family Affairs and Young people, the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine dated May 26, 1999 No. 34/166/131/88, as well as the Rules of Civil Registration in Ukraine, approved by order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated October 18, 2000 No. 52 / 5 (as amended by order of 18 November 2003 No. 140/5).

Health care

Health care:

Emergency and emergency medical care in Ukraine is free. If a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic stays on the territory for a long time, he has the right to register at the clinic in his place of residence (we are talking about citizens who legally reside in the territory of Ukraine). Primary examination at the therapist is free, subsequent sessions are paid.

General recommendations to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic who intend to receive medical services in Ukraine:

When traveling abroad to obtain medical or health services, patients should be aware of all the risks and benefits of medical care in another country.

Choosing a foreign health care institution, it is necessary to find out whether the institution has experience in working with foreign patients and departments (centers) that assist in organizing the treatment of foreign citizens, the specialization of the institution, its authority, and international accreditation. In order to prevent violation of your rights abroad, special attention should be paid to obtaining complete and as objective information as possible about:

- The possibility of obtaining a primary consultation on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic (including upon arrival at a foreign doctor), the conditions for passing a medical examination;

- Availability of accredited (authorized) intermediaries;

- Stages and duration of treatment (including rehabilitation);

- Pricing policy of the institution and the form of payment for the services provided (including the organization of departure for treatment, the involvement of translators);

- Risks of planned procedures and expected results;

- Medical preparations and methods to be applied;

- Physician and staff that will be involved in the treatment process;

- The living conditions of the patient and his entourage, the climate of the respective area, diet, etc .;

- Other basic conditions of treatment, depending on the disease.

Before the trip, you should familiarize yourself with the information on the conditions of entry and stay for the purpose of treatment in a foreign country, especially its legislation on the protection of the rights of patients (consumers), government regulation in the provision of medical services by healthcare institutions or intermediary companies (agents).

It should be remembered that the relationship between the patient and the clinic and the patient and the mediator who provides treatment services abroad must be in the form of a written contract (contract), complemented by a treatment plan.

Health insurance:

Medical insurance is not mandatory on the territory of Ukraine, a citizen, depending on his desire, can purchase insurance for the amount he deems necessary.

Additional Information

Phones and contacts for emergency situations:

Municipal services of the country:

- ambulance tel .: 103

- Police Service Tel .: 102

- fire service tel: 101

- Information service of the airport "Borispol"

tel.: + 38-044-393-43-71

- reference service of the airport "Zhuliany"

tel.: + 38-044-364-45-14

- reference service of the railway station tel .: + 38-093-344-24-81

Other useful information:

Taxis can be called through the Uber app, Uklon, which can be downloaded for free via the AppStore or Playmarket or by calling 808 (free call).

The average cost of living in middle class hotels is $ 30-50.

Shops are open until 22-00.

Mobile operators are Kyivstar, Vodafone.

Payment for the purchased product or service can be made through a bank card (“visa”, “mastercard”), payment through a bank card is accepted in almost all stores.

Voltage is 220V.

Metro consists of 3 branches (red, blue, green).

Express buses and express trains run from the airport to the city. Buses go to the metro station Kharkiv, cost 70 UAH. Express train cost 100 UAH.

Information about the main airports, railway and bus stations of the country, as well as transport links with them.

Boryspil International Airport, tel .: + 38-044-393-43-71.

Airport Kiev "Zhulyany", tel.: + 38-044-364-45-14.

Central Railway Station tel .: + 38-093-344-24-81.

Through the airport Kiev "Zhulyany" flights to Belarus, where you can fly to Russia.

Bus timetable -

Boryspil Airport -

Ukrainian Railway -,