Congratulations by President Sadyr Japarov on Constitution Day of the Kyrgyz Republic


Today, May 5, the President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sadyr Japarov congratulated the Kyrgyz people on the Constitution Day of the country.

Here is the text of the congratulations from the head of state:

"Dear Compatriots!
Dear Kyrgyzstanis!

I congratulate you on Constitution Day of the Kyrgyz Republic!

Throughout its centuries-long history, the Kyrgyz people have always stood up for truth, stood up for justice and lived with the idea of a sovereign Kyrgyzstan, a strong and prosperous state.

Today, the current Constitution of the country contains the conditions for ensuring justice and equality. This was the result of the implementation of the demands made during the October events of 2020.

The first Constitution of independent Kyrgyzstan was signed on May 5, 1993. The new Constitution, adopted by referendum (general popular vote) in April 2021, was also signed last year on May 5.

At the nationwide referendum, our compatriots voted for the Constitution, which strengthens the country's independence, traditional family values, rights and freedoms of citizens.

Thus, the Kyrgyz people made a choice in favor of stability of the political system, preservation of native traditions, provision of social guarantees. The basic provisions of the current Constitution will reliably protect entrepreneurial activity, civic initiative and public life.

This Constitution will not only lead to significant changes in the state administration and legislative system, but will also create a legal basis for the rapid development of the country's economy, improving the living conditions of our citizens and strengthening statehood.

Dear Kyrgyz citizens!

Today we must realize that we alone are responsible for our own fate and the fate of our homeland.

We need to understand that the development of our country depends on the tireless work of every citizen, his successes, personal responsibility before his family, the law and the Motherland.
Only by pooling our efforts can we overcome all difficulties and keep moving forward.

I wish you all good health, long life, happiness and well-being, and peace and prosperity to Kyrgyzstan.