Sadyr Zhaparov recognized as Kyrgyzstan’s President-elect


The Central Commission for Elections and Referendum of the Kyrgyz Republic recognized the early presidential elections as valid.

In determining the results of early presidential elections, the exclusion of data on polling stations, the results of voting at which were declared invalid, was taken into account.

According to the protocol, following are the results of the early presidential elections of the Kyrgyz Republic:

1. The total number of voters included in the voter lists made 3 million 563 thousand 574.

2. The number of voters who participated in voting in the early presidential elections of the Kyrgyz Republic on Jan. 10, 2021 was 1 million 395 thousand 513, which makes up 39.16% of the total number of voters.

3. Presidential candidate Sadyr Zhaparov gained 1 million 105 thousand 248 votes, which is 79.20%, more than half of the votes of all voters who took part in the elections.

The Central Election Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic recognized Sadyr Zhaparov as the President of Kyrgyz Republic.

The Resolution of the republic’s CEC has determined to register Sadyr Zhaparov as the President of Kyrgyzstan with issuing the certificate on election as the President, badges of distinction - badge and Standard (flag) of the President with his name, surname and patronymic and dates of term of office engraved.

Kygryzstan held on Jan. 10 the early presidential elections, as well as the referendum on the form of the government.

A total of 17 candidates run for the post of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic.