Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov: I am sure that doctors will make every effort to save the life of every patient


I am sure that doctors and nurses will make every effort to save the life of every sick citizen. The Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Kubatbek Boronov drew the attention of the members of the Republican Operational Headquarters to the need for operational interaction of all state bodies and the importance of saving lives.

“Every day in Bishkek, an additional 100-200 new beds are opened. Recently opened daytime care hospitals have taken on a significant part of the work. Residents of Bishkek were able to get the necessary primary medical care. However, the number of deaths that are recorded daily is disturbing. Every effort must be made to save as many people as possible. Serious patients should be given closer attention, using the most experienced doctors to save them, ”said Kubatbek Boronov.

One of the reasons for the current situation, the Prime Minister called the lack of medical personnel.

“According to the Health Department of the Bishkek City Hall, there are 1,202 certified doctors in the capital. This is not counting nurses and other staff. Now about 300 doctors are ill. The rest of the doctors should be at work. However, reality suggests that there is an acute shortage of doctors in medical institutions. I ask all doctors and nurses to join the work. Citizens need your help. Without you, we cannot overcome a pandemic and save lives. There will be no delays in the payment of wages for medical staff involved in the fight against COVID-19. Extra charges are also provided for them", the Prime Minister emphasized.