President Sooronbai Zheenbekov gave an interview to the radio station "Birinchi radio"



President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Zheenbekov today, on July 18, gave an interview to the radio station "Birinchi radio" of the Public Broadcasting Corporation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Below are the answers of the Head of State to the questions of Birinchi Radio:

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- Dear Mr. President, we got the opportunity to get an answer from you to the burning questions of today. Our radio listeners have a lot of questions. We would like to ask some of them. First, I would like to know your opinion. How do you assess the current situation?

- The situation remains difficult. We admit this, we do not hide anything, and it is impossible. Dozens of our compatriots have passed away.

Among them are famous personalities whom I knew well. These are the former speaker of the parliament Chynybai Tursunbekov, the famous theologian Chubak Azhy Zhalilov, the scientist Zhangoroz Kanimetov and a dozen of our other citizens. I express my deep condolences and wish restraint to the families and friends of the deceased. May the earth rest in peace for all whose lives this disease took.

As you know, information about the coronavirus appeared in December last year. Since January, this issue has been under my personal control. From the first days, we began to work with the Government in this direction, in order to prevent the penetration of the disease, we took measures at airports, border posts, checkpoints. On January 27, we held the first meeting of the Security Council on this issue, where relevant instructions were given. And after that we held meetings of the Security Council, and repeatedly returned to this issue.

In March, we were forced to introduce a quarantine regime.

Its goal was to prevent the further spread of the virus. The most important thing in this is to teach the population to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards. We held on like this for two months.

It was a difficult decision, but necessary. I knew that these measures would deal a big blow to the economy.

Again, the main goal was to teach people to comply with sanitary standards in order to prevent the spread of the disease. We conducted outreach work in various ways.

On one side of the scale was the economy, and on the other - the health of the nation.

Of course, the quarantine could not operate for a very long time.

After its removal, people ceased to observe discipline and sanitary standards.

In addition to this, some politicians openly expressed the opinion, both within the walls of parliament and outside it, that the coronavirus does not exist, that the government is making sure that people do not rally in order to receive funds from outside. There were those who believed this. Against this background, we could not keep the achieved results.

I recently met with representatives of the medical field.

Professor Omorov, using the example of other countries, noted that the main reason for the spread of the virus is non-compliance with the basic 5 principles.

We said follow these 5 principles for 2 months during quarantine. We can win through order, unity and harmony. We especially urged to adhere to the principles that our doctors speak about.

What are these rules? Wash your hands, wear masks, maintain social distance, and if you get sick, see your doctor for advice. If the case is more severe, go to the hospital, if it is easier, get treatment at home, do not contact anyone with illness. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones is the simplest thing.

Due to non-compliance with this, the virus has spread.

But we still require these rules to be observed, we must comply with them.

The possibilities of our state in this struggle are limited in comparison with other states.

We didn't have a reserve. After the adoption of the Budget Code, there is a separate article according to which up to 1.5 billion soms is focused on the period of emergency situations. We left them in case a mudflow came down and washed away the roads, or an avalanche.

But no funds were accumulated to support the business in difficult times.

I say that we have a strong democracy. It is very important. But, we had to think about this (economics).

We had a hard time because of this.

From the first days, I conducted negotiations with the Russian side.

For the first time, measures to protect against the virus were discussed with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on February 28 in Moscow.

Since then, we have received a lot of help in terms of medicines and products. It is expected that assistance in this area will continue. Specialists will also arrive. The first group of doctors has already visited our country and monitored the situation, based on the conclusions of which a large group of doctors will arrive.

This will be of great help for our doctors in terms of exchange of experience.

Later, Vladimir Vladimirovich and I held talks on this issue two more times, there will be more help. In addition, we are being helped by our neighboring brotherly states, neighboring China, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait, and we are receiving help from other friendly states.

I personally negotiated with almost all international partners on the need to continue funding clean water and irrigation projects, as well as to provide support during a pandemic. Help comes through these channels as well.

The people are now talking a lot about the fact that the funds allegedly received as aid go "into the pocket" of officials.

I said it before, and now I want to repeat it. We will not allow this. This issue is under my personal control and under the control of the Prime Minister.

The government will be responsible for the targeted use of the aid received! And before the people, and before the law and before the Almighty ...

Yes, dear compatriots, the situation is difficult. We all see this.

All of us Kyrgyzstanis must learn to live and work in a pandemic.

Economic and social projects will not be stopped. New ones will be started.

No matter how difficult the current situation is, programs to provide the population with clean drinking water, repair and restore irrigation networks, and provide affordable housing, which are priorities in my presidential activities, will not be suspended.

Salaries of citizens employed in the social sphere will be paid on time.

Policies to support vulnerable citizens are also under control. We will not stop this either.

The process of digitalization of the country will be accelerated, since in the context of the pandemic the need for it has become obvious.

I am also making this requirement rigidly now. We will accelerate digitalization across all industries. There are already results, we have moved up 9 positions in the world digitalization ranking. I think this is a very big achievement in the short term.

In general, the implementation of not a single project aimed at improving the lives of the people will be suspended.

Our people have come out with dignity from many vicissitudes of fate. Let's not lose hope, dear compatriots!

History states that we emerged from more difficult trials with honor. So it will be this time.

There is only one way to overcome the disease: national unity, huge responsibility, very deep faith.

The most important thing is peace and tranquility in our fertile land.

Recently our akyn-improviser Aaly sang that our people are a blessed people. I listened very carefully. I wish everyone would hear it.

Together with all the peoples of the world, we will surely defeat this scourge that all humanity has faced.

As President, I start and end every day by addressing issues related to the fight against the pandemic.

I have full information about important circumstances. I know what measures are being taken by the Government and local authorities. Every day, I personally discuss with them urgent issues for taking appropriate measures to provide medical services to the population, to provide drugs.

The current situation has exposed a number of problem points in the state system, according to which appropriate conclusions will be drawn.

I am analyzing some of the topical government issues and areas. We will take a number of steps that will affect the life of the state and people.

The main thing is to radically modernize and improve the healthcare system. Otherwise, as we can see, we are faced with a direct threat to public health.

We will carry out a complete reform of the healthcare system.

- The most pressing issue of today is the issue of providing medicines. You said that those who speculate on drugs and unreasonably raise their prices will be punished. The public is expecting this. In addition, what is being done at the state level to create stocks of drugs, eliminate the shortage in the market?


- Yes, I spoke about this in my address to compatriots. He said that everyone who wants to gain personal benefit in such a difficult time for our people are considered enemies of the people.

This is not only about suppliers of medicines, but in general about entrepreneurs, every citizen of the country.

This issue is under my personal control, under the control of the head of government. The relevant state bodies are carrying out control measures, we are working hard in this direction.

The second main issue is the support of these entrepreneurs. We intend to support entrepreneurs who work in the pharmaceutical industry, build factories, produce drugs and medical supplies.

We discussed with the Prime Minister to direct funds to support this direction. Funds from the National Bank, the Kyrgyz-Russian Development Fund and received from abroad.

Much work remains to be done on the import of a large number of drugs and import substitution. And most importantly, there is a state material reserve. Previously, medicines were stored there, but then everything was suspended. We have solved this issue, the Government is working to create a stock of 65 names of essential drugs.

- In the context of a pandemic, the political situation in the country begins to heat up. Together with individual political parties, some civic activists also declare the need and demand the postponement of the parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn. A presidential decree was issued on the appointment of elections for October 4, the CEC is already working on this issue. What is your position? Why should elections be held on time despite the pandemic?

- In addition to socio-economic goals, our state also has political obligations.

Yes, now each of us worries about ourselves, our children, parents and loved ones. I understand all this and see that this is our main problem.

On the one hand, there is a shortage of drugs, on the other, there is a shortage of doctors, and this is our main concern.

It is just right to say: "What elections, what politics?"

But, nevertheless, dear compatriots, as President, I will say that everything must be done in a timely manner.

Whatever difficulties may be, whatever happens, we have no right to forget about tomorrow.

We have a legal state and we are its conscientious citizens.

The autumn parliamentary elections will be held within the terms established by the Constitution.

I signed the corresponding decree. The Central Election Commission began its work in accordance with the law.

Parties that are engaged in empty populism, opposing the elections, among other parties have been registered to participate in the elections.

I would like to address the members of the Central Election Commission appointed by the quota of the political parties "Ata Meken" and "Respublika".

To the deputies elected from the list of these parties and politicians who want to be re-elected to parliament through these parties and their fans.

I urge you to stop politicizing this issue and misleading the people. Show your civic responsibility in such a difficult situation, wage political struggle within the law.

No one is given the right to play with the fate and future of the people and the country.

To compatriots I would like to say that many of you criticize the authorities. More of you are helping to fight the virus. I admire your creative position and call on politicians to follow your example.

In short, the upcoming parliamentary elections will be held within the time frame established by the Constitution.

The Central Election Commission has started its work. Measures will be taken to reduce costs, instructions have already been given.

The CEC, together with the Government, are considering issues related to the conduct of elections in a pandemic. The main attention will be paid to the issue of preventing harm to public health.

All state bodies, the Government, the CEC, local authorities, personally, as President, we will create equal conditions for all parties and every citizen.

- You have always supported the Government in a pandemic. Nevertheless, there is a lot of criticism towards the Government. In your opinion, how consistent is the criticism of the government? Are there also those who believe that it should resign?

- As you know, before that, Kubat Aiylchievich worked as First Deputy Prime Minister.

Supervised the work of the republican headquarters to combat the virus in difficult times, during the quarantine period.

Therefore, he monitors the situation as much as possible at the present time.

And I, as President, provide all-round assistance.

Now there are about three months left before the parliamentary elections.

There is no sense in the resignation of the Government at this time. We need to work roll up our sleeves and mobilize all available human resources by joining forces. Provide all possible assistance to the Government.

Now is not the time to criticize. Now is the time for help. We all need to unite all opportunities and efforts, in harmony and discipline to fight the disease.

The government, as I said above, will be formed after the parliamentary elections in accordance with the Constitution. And the change of government will take place within the framework of the law.

Whether this government stays or not, the newly elected parliament will decide, this is its right.

That is why I say that parliamentary elections should take place. The executive and legislative branches of government must operate in a sustainable and stable manner. Therefore, we must continue to follow the legal path, and do everything within the law.

- Dear Mr. President, lately there have been various calls to the current government. Especially among young people. Do you think there are some forces behind such appeals or is it a real reflection of today's reality?

- Now, as you can see, there are two main issues in parallel in Kyrgyzstan.

First is Covid. This is a very big problem for the health of our people.

Secondly, the struggle for power is also gaining strength.

Now some political forces are trying to rock the political situation in the country and get their political dividends, using the situation with the consequences of Covid.

My task as President is to fight Covid, to preserve and protect the health of the people.

Another equally important task of mine is to prevent political speculation and maintain stability in society.

That is why I am talking about the necessity of holding elections. Let them come to power through elections. It will be decided by the people. Whom the people choose, they will come and form the Government. This is the right of parliament.

And not through street political speculation, populism. I have already mentioned this above.

I understand everything, I know.

Many have lost their loved ones, it is very difficult. The people are angry now.

There are many politicians who want to take advantage of this not in the interests of the people, but in their personal interests.

We must not let this happen. Therefore, I say: come to power in a legal way, take part in the parliamentary elections, if you win, form the Government.

I also want to appeal to our youth, their activity in social networks, in politics in general, their civic activity is a very good phenomenon for the country, for us. Youth is our future. We are an open country.

The only thing is that any struggle must be waged in the legal field, with the recognition of not only one's own rights, but also the rights of others. No one should become a weapon in anyone's hands. This is what I would like to wish my young compatriots.

- You said that you have been analyzing a lot lately. What upsets you the most in the current situation? And what, on the contrary, pleases?

- As a President and a citizen, I am saddened by the human factor in the army of officials, more precisely, irresponsibility and indifference.

Let me give you one example. Yesterday I visited a textile factory in Tokmok. I've been here before when they released fabrics. Now they have changed their profile and are producing medical masks. We really need them at this time. We bring masks from abroad and ask for humanitarian aid, we buy abroad.

And they founded a factory that has the ability to produce not only for the domestic market, provide us, but also export them. But instead of providing assistance, our state bodies, especially because of the indifference and negligence of middle-level officials, do not issue two or three documents, and entrepreneurs cannot start working fully.

After all, the factory has created jobs, pays taxes and makes contributions to the social fund. Those who work there are paid and do not go abroad. There will be more jobs. This is the indifference of state bodies - the administration of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, Kyrgyzstandart, and the Ministry of Health. Gave an assignment on this issue, measures will be taken.

We are now trying to build factories and plants, to launch them. And here they made a second new line with new technologies. They will process cotton. Last year we bought 300 tons of cotton. Should have been launched in November. Almost a year has passed. To this day, our government agencies are delaying the issuance of permits.

We will fight such cases and punish severely. Such people should not work in state power structures, they have no place here.

I am glad about the solidarity of our people. His unity and harmony. When the state found itself in trouble, our businessmen, volunteers, all the people helped, showing that together the burden becomes easier.

The heroism of our doctors is also pleasing. Taking this moment, I would like to convey my deepest regards to our selfless doctors and express their endless gratitude for their courage and heroism!

I am glad that there are more people among the people who want to give rather than take.

During the quarantine, when all businesses were closed, our businessmen, citizens and volunteers went around the house to help those in need of food. They now continue to provide medicines and medical care to the sick. We are witnessing what a force the volunteer movement has become in the country.

We see the social responsibility of our entrepreneurs. I thank our volunteers. Always be with the people and among the people! What you do, God will surely reward you.

I would like to emphasize once again, dear compatriots, we are a people with a long history. The people who could not break many trials on the way of their development. We always unite in a single fist in the face of a common disaster. And thanks to this, we will definitely overcome all difficulties, in the current situation too.

- Dear President, thank you for answering questions about the current situation in the country. Thank you very much!