President Sooronbai Zheenbekov gave another interview to "Birinchi Radio"


President of the Kyrgyz Republic Sooronbai Zheenbekov today, on August 22, gave another interview to Birinchi radio of the Public TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

Below is the transcript of the interview with the Head of State:

- Hello, dear radio listeners. The next issue of the program "Frank Conversation with the President" is on the air. We have several questions for the Head of State.

- Hello, Sooronbai Sharipovich.

- Hello.

- Dear President, the situation with the coronavirus is probably beginning to improve, life is returning to normal. But nevertheless, we do not know what awaits us in the future. It looks like we should all still consider the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus infection ...

- Thanks for the question.

Indeed, there are predictions that there may be a second wave of the virus. We all know about this, read in the press. There were fears that the situation in the regions could get worse. This probability persists to this day.

I visited the regions of the country, traveled to all regions. I met with local residents, discussed the burning issues.

What is currently relevant in the regions?

The villagers are busy harvesting, working in the fields. First of all, they are concerned with the issue of irrigation water, drinking water, there are many appeals on this problem.

There are problems with the security of schools and hospitals. We exchanged views on these and other issues of concern to the villagers.

He spoke about the current state policy on the development of regions, including on the issue of providing the population with clean water and on the repair and restoration of irrigation systems.

As I have already noted, the project to provide clean drinking water will be implemented in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, this is a priority direction of my presidential activity.

Active work is being carried out in this direction.

The second, no less important issue is the provision of rural farmers with irrigation water.

I visited distant Batken, Naryn, At-Bashi. On the spot, he got acquainted with the progress of work to improve the irrigation system. I can say that I am pleased with the progress of the national irrigation projects.

Work on their implementation is being carried out continuously within the framework of the Irrigation Development Program. It makes me happy.

The state program for the development of irrigation is designed until 2026.

It consists of 3 stages, two of which will be implemented by the end of 2024. We intend to implement two stages before the end of my presidency.

As part of these two stages, 31 water bodies will be commissioned, resulting in 27,000 hectares of new irrigated land. Water supply will improve on 46 thousand hectares of land.

This, as I noted earlier, is a large, ambitious project. Despite the difficult situation, we have adopted this program. All efforts of local authorities, relevant state bodies are aimed at its implementation.

For the implementation of irrigation projects, we are increasing the amount of budget funds. In addition, we attract funds from international partners, donor countries, mainly in the form of grants.

We try to get long-term loans with minimal interest rates for 35-40 years. Work in this area is going well.

In 2019, in total, construction of 12 facilities began. Construction work completed at 2 sites.

In 2020, it is planned to complete the construction of 6 objects, construction work has already been completed in the amount of 219 million soms.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has had a negative impact on the budget. However, we provide funding through assistance from external donors and international financial institutions.

I have repeatedly said that irrigation issues are under my personal control. Since this is one of the main ways to ensure national food security, create new jobs, retain people in rural areas, and reduce internal and external migration.

Preparations for the new academic year are currently underway.

I draw special attention to the completion of the construction of emergency schools in the regions.

As you know, in the village of Kenesh in the Naryn region, where children studied at the so-called mobile school built from containers, a school is being built. I visited this village, met with local residents, got acquainted with the construction of a new school building.

The issues of repairing buildings of emergency schools and hospitals are in the center of our attention. There are funds for these purposes, even in conditions of a budget deficit, this work will be carried out continuously.

All planned repair work in hospitals is proceeding according to plan, experimental buildings of an infectious diseases hospital are being built in Bishkek, Osh and Naryn.

Recently, he visited the Naryn region, where he met with the staff of the Naryn regional clinical hospital and the builders of the infectious diseases hospital.

In addition, internal roads are being repaired in the regions.

These works must be completed before the onset of cold weather. You should especially hurry up with this in the high mountain valleys, where cold weather will come in September-October.

As you know, at the expense of the republican budget, at least three kilometers of internal roads are asphalted in the center of each district every year. This is one of the necessary tasks in the framework of our regional development policy.

Especially in the high-mountainous countryside, there are many internal roads in need of repair, which were not remembered for almost 30 years, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Local budgets did not have enough funds for these purposes, as a result, some roads came to such a state that it is difficult to call them a road - not only by car, even walking on foot.

Over the past three years, we have been paying special attention to this issue.

In 2019, asphalt was laid on 140 km of roads in 40 regional centers and 8 cities. And this year it is planned to build 150 km of roads. This task is under my personal control.

Yes, the coronavirus situation is improving. Nevertheless, we must be prepared for any development of the situation. Each of us has a responsibility to follow the rules of hygiene and sanitation until an effective vaccine is found.

The disease began to decline. The government continues to warn about the need to comply with preventive measures.

I also want to point out that preventing the further spread of the virus depends on the social responsibility of each of us. I would like to urge everyone not to be indifferent.

Each of us must learn to protect ourselves, our families and our children from the virus. We must treat others the way we would like to be treated. And then we can win the fight against this disease.

The situation may change, no one is immune from this. European countries such as Italy, France and Spain have reported new record numbers of infections, following statistics in May this year, according to media reports.

Therefore, caution will not harm anyone, protection from this disease is in the hands of each of us. We must take a very responsible attitude to this issue.

- Perhaps the most discussed issue along with the covid is the upcoming parliamentary elections. Political parties held their congresses. We can say that a new political season has begun and all sorts of forecasts, assumptions in this area will only grow stronger. There are a lot of disputes and opinions. Is there a guarantee that fair political competition will be ensured, will the notorious administrative resource cast a shadow on the authorities?

- Of course, there have been and will be various forecasts, conversations and assumptions.

We are all witnessing how strong the political competition is now.

More than 40 parties announced their intention to take part in the elections. Many of them have held their conventions.

Now the Central Election Commission must carry out a number of relevant works in accordance with the electoral legislation. As you know, she has her own tasks.

I have fulfilled the norms required from the President. As you know, we started preparations for the elections 2.5 years ago. A special working group was created from representatives of the Presidential Administration, Government, Jogorku Kenesh, the public and civil society to amend various laws.

I noted that the election rules under the electoral legislation will be approved a year before the election date. We did it.

A year before the elections, all parties intending to take part in the elections, on equal terms, familiarized themselves with the rules.

The working group formed by us carried out this work. The corresponding laws were adopted by the Jogorku Kenesh. The entire public witnessed this process.

As for the administrative resource, I would like to note that in our country there are fully functioning mechanisms that guarantee the non-use of the administrative resource.

This is primarily public control over the electoral process.

It is this instrument that is the most necessary element for the organization and conduct of democratic and open elections.

This tool has been widely used and will be used by observers, as well as by political forces that consider themselves oppositional.

We have an open civil society. Everyone knows this.

Thanks to technology, the electoral system will respect the principle of "one person - one vote".

Advanced technologies were introduced to ensure fair elections, which were then improved. Thanks to this, the elections will be held according to the principle "one person - one vote" No one will be able to violate this principle, with all the desire it will be impossible to violate it. Since an automatic vote counting system is applied, which ensures that each person can only vote for himself. Everyone knows this. And this process will be under the control of everyone - from our side, from the side of political forces, and from the public.

Currently, voters have full freedom of choice.

The Central Election Commission includes representatives of various political forces and political parties.

Among them are representatives of civil society.

I am sure that all this will ensure full open civilian control over the electoral process.

Currently, all parties are forced to reckon with the opinion of the people. Because they need people to vote for them. This is a requirement of the times.

Our society is so open that such a process as an administrative resource cannot be hidden.

Over the past two years, the Internet has penetrated all spheres of life and has become available in all villages. Any negative action quickly becomes known to the public. Therefore, I repeat that it will be impossible to use the administrative resource and hide it in our society.

The formation of a parliament capable of passing laws and decisions aimed at developing the state and improving people's lives will be our common victory. We are all interested in this.

Therefore, I would like to say that our compatriots should take a responsible attitude towards the elections and choose the most worthy candidates. The public, including myself, must take an active part in holding open elections.

- As noted above, the topic of the upcoming parliamentary elections is actively discussed in society. And the closer the voting date, the stronger the interest in this issue will be. Recently, there have been suggestions in society that certain privileges will allegedly be granted to the so-called pro-government parties. How would you comment on this? You have already stated that, as President, you are ready to work with any party that wins the elections.

- Yes, I have already spoken about it. I am ready to cooperate with all parties that won the elections for the development of the state, in the name of stability in the country.

As I noted above, they created conditions for legal, open, competitive elections, within the framework of the law. For these purposes, changes were made to the legislation.

Equal conditions have been created for all parties.

Parliament is the choice of the people. It will be formed from those candidates whom the people will support and for whom will vote.

Citizens' demands on the authorities are growing every year.

We now have a strong civil society.

The activities of the authorities are under strict control by the society, which intensifies every year.

Under such conditions, no one is interested in acting against the will of the people. I think no one will do this.

I voiced my position back in June during a speech at a meeting of the Jogorku Kenesh.

I would like to repeat it again.

The party is only one part of the whole society.

I am the President elected to serve the whole people, not any party. I believe in the Almighty and in my people.

For my activity as President I bear responsibility before the people. I know the demands of my compatriots. I try to fulfill my duty to them with dignity.

Before that, I have not spoken about this anywhere, but, taking this opportunity, I would like to voice it.

In the history of independent Kyrgyzstan, former presidents tried to form loyal parties to rely on them in their activities. But, not a single such party protected them from mistakes, and could not save them.

History states this. The people are witness to this. I have been in politics since 1995, also a witness.

I perfectly understand this both as a statesman and as a person. And this gives me inner freedom.

My support is my people.

And I am ready to work together in the interests of the state with those parties that will come to parliament.

Whichever party comes to parliament is the people's choice. Since people have preferred them, I will work with these parties.

Maintaining the sovereignty, integrity and unity of the state is my main task as President. There are many more of my other duties in the foreign and domestic policy of the country.

To make teachers and doctors respected in our society, so that they are the highest paid specialists in the country, create conditions for ordinary entrepreneurs, take care of the elderly, children in need, reduce corruption in all spheres of life. Solving these issues is my main task.

In fact, these are the promises that I made during my presidential election campaign.

Therefore, the policy that I have been pursuing over the past three years as the Head of State - the development of the regions, the digitalization of the country - is aimed at fulfilling the tasks noted.

The support of the next parliament is needed to advance these directions, which I started, to improve the lives of our citizens. To implement the initiated reforms together.

Therefore, in the name of the country's development, as President, I am ready to work with all parties that will enter parliament.

- Dear Sooronbai Sharipovich, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

- Thank you very much! Good luck!