Mr. Baktybek Amanbayev, the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the United States and Canada, took part in the 5th Annual Trans-Caspian Forum


On June 9, 2021, the 5th Annual Trans-Caspian Forum organized by the Caspian Policy Center was held in Washington.

Mr. Baktybek Amanbayev- the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the United States and Canada, took part in the Forum.

Ambassadors of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, as well as a representative of the Turkish diplomatic mission also have participated in the Forum.

USA Administration was represented by US National Security Council, State Department, Department of Commerce and U.S. Agency for International Cooperation (USAID).

The main theme of the event was the discussion of international trade and economic activities, infrastructural cooperation between the countries of the trans-Caspian region, including Central Asia, the South Caucasus.

The Forum focused on the recovery of the economies of the participating countries in conditions of the global pandemic- COVID-19.

In his speech, B.Amanbayev noted, that Kyrgyzstan, like all the countries of the world, has felt all the negative consequences of the global pandemic and is still experiencing severe economic shocks, which have negatively affected the living standards of the population and general macroeconomic indicators.

"The Great Silk Road, which has historically united the countries of the East and the West, gives us all a hint of how and where the trade routes and communications of the countries of Central Asia and the Caspian region should run to improve our cooperation in the name of prosperity of our peoples," the representative of Kyrgyzstan said.