Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ukraine Announcement from 1st of April, 2019 regarding changes concerning the education of foreign students in institutions of higher education of Ukraine


From now, universities of Ukraine must have a license to teach foreign citizens. At the same time, the university must have a dormitory in which foreign students will live, and the university must take all questions on the design of the invitation and the legal stay of a foreign citizen in Ukraine. Another important criterion for obtaining a license is the proficiency of foreign language teachers of the university.

Please note that in 2016 an online portal was created through which a foreign citizen has the opportunity to get information in which Ukrainian university he can study (link to the portal: http://studyinukraine.gov.ua/study-in-ukraine/universities/).

The Embassy recommends using this link to avoid various frauds on the part of other persons who guarantee admission to the university.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, together with the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, introduces a free service for foreign students StudyPass (http://site.studypass.intered.com.ua/en.html). The service allows the student to get more detailed information about the university by the number of the invitation (form, type of study, contacts, cost, etc.).